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Learn about our Kick Ass Facebook Ads Campaigns!

Supercharge Your Lead Generation with Facebook Ads!

Improve your Results and Reduce Ad Spend!

Improve your Facebook Ads Performance with our "Simply Smarter" Services


Our Goal is to help you learn to be Independent and run the Campaigns! But if you are not a DIYer and want us to run the whole campaign for the rest of ever... We would Love to! Full Services, Partial or DIY!

Monitor and Analyze Results! We do Ads for ourselves, so we got it down to Science!

Better Offers, Smarter Copy! The "Secret Sauce" is Value! And P.O.P.! 

Award Winning Service... Plus we used our Friend above and got a little intel for you!

Our Services:

Facebook Ads for Small Businesses:

We are a full-service Pay-Per-Click (PPC) boutique agency with a high level of expertise including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn. If you are in need of Google Adwords we will refer you all to the best.

Our Facebook Ads Campaigns Service is perfect for the Small to Small Medium sized businesses. We have our Pet Industries that we Rock In. Medical Specialties (Vanity / Pain), Legal Practice Funnels / Lead-Gen and our Favorite, the Real Estate Industry... Why that One is Favorite! Honestly, due to so many Agents and Brokers doing it wrong makes it easy on us! If you are a Realtor you owe it to your Business to talk to us. We customize our digital marketing services based on the needs of the business.

We are a great solution for these types of businesses as we have expertise in all aspects of digital marketing as well as a passion for Lead Generation and Marketing Automation. So this stuff is downright fun for us! Work with us and you will see, we love! We do it for our own Web Properties, not just Marketing Services. We run 3 other companies and get killer results. We can for your Company too! Call Us Today!

Foundational Elements of Digital Marketing that our clients need:

  • Paid Search
  • Paid Social
  • SEO
  • Local Search
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Review Management
  • Outreach (digital PR)
  • Email Marketing
  • Training

MarketingMouseTrap .com has expertise in all facets of digital marketing. We separate ourselves from the competition by focusing on parts of the process that we are super skilled and tuned to. This makes us an invaluable addition to small, medium and franchise type businesses. Our Specialty is Funnels and Facebook Ads!


We handle the following: Developing campaign strategies, advanced keyword research and/or segmentation research for social platforms, creative development, PPC bid assessment & management + ROI tracking and PPC Ad Spend analysis.

For multi-location business and businesses with a marketing budget of $5000 per month or more, we will provide custom quotes that align with your business and lead generation goals.

The Box Below gives you our Baseline Rates. We do offer price rate adjustments based on number of locations, overall size of the business & market, business goals, industry standard customer acquisition costs, monthly marketing spend, as well as the level of competition within specific industries.


MMT's PPC Rate Chart

Our PPC services are focused on search, display and mobile network advertising. There is a campaign setup fee with all new accounts. Our monthly fee is based at 10% of spend in the event that ad spend is more than our fees shown in the above rate chart. These prices do not include the budget paid directly to the platforms (i.e., Facebook, Twitter etc).


Local SEO for Non-Web Based Businesses (Service & Local Business that have a Physical Location)

Designed for small local-region geo-targeted businesses, our local SEO service has been designed to address the specific targeting needs of local businesses. Visit our MMTMediaFL.com site for more details on Local SEO and SMO Plans. Our Rates for these Services are among the most competitive in the country.

We will always recommend a website audit. We are specialists at Conversion Optimization. We are not Fans of Driving Great Traffic for our clients only to have it not convert. That is Marketing Sin #1. Thou Shall Not Waste Leads! Let us do the Site Audit. It is Cheap and Pays both the Client and Us huge dividends in your Campaign Results! We got your Back on Conversion!

Local SEO

SEO Consulting Services (Google's Algorithm has changed and our Services have too!)

This is a Slow Process. Unlike many players in this Space. We make very conservative recommendations here. Why? Well it is like a Race... But if you Stop for a Drink everyone passes you buy. Once you start in never ends. Read On and decide. We can take the same Spend and Kick Ass on Facebook. Why go Organic, when you can Track Down and Capture. Sorry that is the Outdoorsman in us speaking.

Search Engine Optimization is a long process that involves multiple factors. The competitiveness of the space will determine the estimated number of hours of labor per month that will be required to achieve good ranking results. Organic results are highly determined by depth of content and inbound links to the client’s domain. Our consulting projects are priced as a time-and-materials type of project, based on your specific needs. Our prices start at $1200 per month. SEO consulting services require a minimum commitment of 1 year. Our proposals include specific guidelines of “what it takes” accompanied by the estimated cost per month.

A Recap, Expectations of ranking in less than 1 year are generally very unrealistic. If you do not have patience to endure the long marathon SEO can be (remember the analogy), then SEO is not a race you want to run. It is not uncommon for a site to take over a year to generate a profitable amount of organic search traffic. However, a well-designed SEO strategy will certainly pay off in the long run.

SEO is lots of things now a days! We work on the High Payoff stuff first!​

MarketingMouseTrap.com Traffic and Funnels - Sales Funnels and Facebook Ads
Review monitoring for small businesses

Conversion Optimization

Get an Audit Today... Conversion Optimization is a Must - Call Us for our Specials!

Business Types that we Serve:

Medical / Dental (Vanity / Pain) Law Firms, Real Estate, Software, Marketing, Professional Services, Home Services, Health & Fitness, Sports Training, Beauty / Cosmetics, Restaurants, Caterers and More!

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