STOP Hunting Gurus… Great Post by Aaron Fletcher of “The Fletcher Method”

So one of my Industry Cohorts “Aaron Fletcher” recently published a Post on Facebook titled “Guru Hunting”… and it really hit home with me. I was a early member of Aaron’s Community and probably was a resistant Mentee. But after much Pain, Suffering and Web Toil I came to my Senses. I have adopted almost all of what Aaron preaches.

I have done Funnels (The Final Step) for other Members of the TFM and I never bypass the Foundational Frameworks and Teachings that Aaron puts in Place! Why Would I? He does all of the Heavy Lifting for Me and The CLIENT! I do the Builds and help the RUBBER MEET THE ROAD! I use all of his Stuff now!It is Like a Great 1 -2 Punch! Aaron HITS 1st (Some People probably need it to get it through their Head and I come in for the 2 Punch and Get the FUNNEL Built (TFM Blueprints… Love the 1 Page Funnel)

So listen up… The Perfect Funnel Masterclass is the Exact 3 Step Strategy that Aaron used to go from $0 to 7 Figures in Sales without Webinars or Complicated Marketing Funnels…LEARN MORE about The Perfect Funnel Masterclass here:

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