Social Media Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Our team works hard to grow your fan database through:

  • Fun, creative, and effective promotions
  • Strategic ad campaigns designed to target your specific audience
  • Custom app and tab development to generate more conversions for your business

Twitter Marketing

Make real-time conversations with your customers possible with a large Twitter following. We’ll grow your numbers using proven tactics such as:

  • Targeted ad campaigns connecting directly with your audience
  • Tweets designed to increase your reach
  • Focused keyword monitoring

LinkedIn Marketing

Get leads, new employees, and new opportunities with:

  • Regular content updates
  • Management of your business page
  • Targeted Ad Campaigns


With images being so prominent on social, we make sure to attack on all fronts. Our video team will:

  • Create original videos that speak to your fans
  • Focus on viral-ready video ideas to bring your brand to a bigger audience
  • Create informative videos
  • Distribute the videos on the channels most appropriate for your brand
  • Maintain and optimize these channels.
  • Create videos for promotions and advertising


Build your fan base with fun and interactive promotions. At Social Media Beast, we’ll:

  • Create and execute engaging, sharable promotions
  • Develop creative that speaks to your brand
  • Build a database of new fans and email addresses
  • Develop creative to target your email list and convert current subscribers

Analytics & ROI

We’ll help you understand how social media is helping your business grow in revenue and reputation by:

  • Delivering monthly analytics reports that show the growth of your pages
  • Create benchmarks for growth and monitor them regularly
  • Send you our newsletter with updates on what’s happening in the industry
  • Explain the value of a Facebook fan/Twitter follower for your business