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But don't have the Budget for a Full Time Employee! - Consulting Services 4 Hours FLEXTIME

But Maybe 4 Hours a Week?, Maybe 4 Hours  a Month...
Maybe 40 Hours? You Decide! It's your Time!

Hi, I'm David Jamison the CEO and Owner of MMT Media, Florida & I am a Sales Funnel & Online Marketing Consultant. We have a Small Team of Digital Marketing Experts that can affordably help you grow your Company! No excess, no waste! Only Pay for what you need!

We have helped dozens (OK Hundreds) of clients improve their websites and sales funnels and get more customers & revenue with just a few simple tweaks. We do Simple, Better!

And I can do the same for you. Click the button below to learn about our Flex-Time Fee Structure for Non-Project Related Services. +Plus Book a FREE 1 Hour Consultation to discuss your needs! It's FREE, Simple and you'll learn something! | |
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    Up to 40 Hour Blocks - 8, 16, 24 & 40
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    Use the Time as you see Fit, the 40 Hours can be used anytime (based on scheduling)
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    No need to feel stressed to use or lose it.
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    We do require it is used within the Calendar Year it is Purchased for Tax Purposes.
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