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Helping B2B Sales Organizations Generate More Quality Leads that want to Buy… While spending less money & time!

Linkedin Lead Generation Funnel

All with an automated B2B Lead Gen Funnel!

Have you ever a met a salesperson that likes to Cold Call?

If they said yes, they were lying. They just learned to like it enough, because they wanted to succeed! But what if you could fill the calendar with perfect prospects that wanted to learn about your products or services. What would it mean to your bottom line? How excited would your Sales Team be to be on the ready to close new business? Well, that is exactly what this system will do for your Sales Organization. B2B is tough and getting tougher. But our "Tech" is Tougher than any prospecting challenges.

It is ready 24/7/365!

Our “Done for You” LinkedIn Marketing Solution is a complete system to help you develop a consistent Flow of Perfect Leads. Our system combines the power of LinkedIn with the power of our optimized funnels to make light work of your prospecting. Get Ready Rock your Sales!

Get Ready to meet your prospecting staff that never gets tired, frustrated and never has call reluctance?

If you engage on LinkedIn with your target market like a “laser,” sales will become a Snap!

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3000 touches+ a Month and 3 to 5 "Perfect Prospect Profle" Appointments* a Day

and a stable of new "ready, willing and able" connections will get your Sales Team Rocking their Numbers Fast!

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B2B Lead Generation

Note: MMTGrow LLC, MMT Media, Florida & MarketingMouseTrap.com

are not affiliated with Linkedin in any way. We leverage White Hat marketing strategies and use the Linkedin Sales Navigator and connect with our internal and external marketing automation platforms. Our process contacts linkedin users on your behalf with an automated messaging system that combines linkedin's technology and our partners.

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Dozens of Marketing Courses

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Industry Experts at our Service

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Case Study Library and Resources

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Worldwide Network of Members

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​Closed Facebook Community

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FREE Webinar Presentations

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​Why should you choose us

Thrive Themes Wordpress Websites

Conversion Optimized Websites. 5 Pager, BIG 10 Pager and Custom Needs Wordpress Site Designs.

Social Media Marketing & Optimization

Expand your Audience organically by growing your Audience with Social and Expand your Social Authority.

MMT High Performance Sales Funnels

Check Out our Funnels 101 FREE Members Area for the "GOTO" Sales Funnels we design and build.

Search Engine Optimization

Get FOUND FAST! On-Page and Off-Page Strategies and Techniques are employed. Let our Experts handle it!

Email Marketing, SMS, FB Messenger & Funnel Automations and Workflows

Marketing Automation, Copywriting and Psych Triggering Services for all your Messaging & Nurturing.

Content Marketing & Publishing

Develop your Content Roadmap and become a Content and Publishing Juggernaut! Grow your Footprint!

Our most popular Marketing Services

It is always a tough call! Wordpress sites, Funnels and more. But Content Marketing, Quizzes, Surveys and other Engagement Tools rule the roost today with our audiences.

Content Marketing

You have heard it before!


Customer Surveys & Quizzes

Super Popular Engagement and List Building Tools for Growth!


​Frequently Asked Questions

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How does it work if I am a DIY or DWY Coaching Client?

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Other Services

Done-for-You Website

"The BIG 10" Pages you Must Have!

Thrive Themes Optimized Wordpress Site


50% Deposit to Start

50% due at completion and delivery!

Our Go To Wordpress Theme includes Conversion Focused Tools and Funnel Page / Landing Page Templates Built-In!

4 to 8 Week Delivery Time (based on client load)

Custom Logo, Graphics and Copywriting maybe require extra charges

Schedule Consultation to discuss

MMTGrow - MarketingMouseTrap.com

Coaching Program


A Personalized Coaching Program helping you work through all of our "TFM" Launch Frameworks! Plus Learn how to Launch & Scale a Successful Online Business!

16 Hours of 1-on-1 Coaching!

Use it on Framework Build-Outs or Front-End or Back-End Training!

50% of $997 can be credited to our Done For You Site and Funnel Build Services! 

+ Get a $250 Double Your Money Project Credit Coupon Code! $500 Voucher 50%

Full Funnel Builds*

Choose 1 of our Built Fast Funnels*
Use the  Perfect Funnel Formula Quiz


Starting at $4999

From a Consulting Funnel to a Complex Hybrid Funnel with Funnel Linking & Stacking!

Your Funnel will be Customized for you!

12 Done-For-You Funnels to choose from

$2499 Deposit to Start

+ $1250 payment in 30 Day Cycles (x2)

8-12 Week Delivery (based on client load)

Schedule Consultation to discuss

​Do you want to become digital marketing expert?

Learn about our Advanced Coaching Program Today!

It starts with the same Coaching Frameworks our Level 1 to 3 Coaches Complete. But then kicks into a High Gear Immersion Program cover advanced Funnel Development Training, Marketing Automation Training, Social Media Management, SEO and More! Plus all of our Advanced Training has an Industry Certification that accompanies each of our Hands-On Immersion Training Plans.


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