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Our Restaurant Marketing Services team will let you get back to the business of running your restaurant. We can Grow your Socail, your Return Rate, your Per-Customer-Ticket Average or just want us to handle Email Marketing and Promotions. A Lot or A Little is up to you! And whether you are a Caterer, a Sit Down Restaurant or are Looking to Start a Restaurant Delivery Service (RDS) independently or for your own Business we can help! We are MMT-RMS!

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Some of our Services:

Online Ordering Systems

Restaurant Delivery Services

Delivery Tracking Apps

Facebook Ordering App

Facebook Marketing Services

Social Media Optimization

Marketing Automation

Email Marketing Managment

Reputation Management

Customer Growth Landing Pages

Our Web Marketing Expert will help you:

Find New Guests

  • Post sharable content on Twitter and Facebook to get spread the word about your restaurant
  • Use paid Facebook ads to introduce your restaurant to locals
  • Develop a social media audience that you can consistently market to
  • Create email marketing campaigns that encourages guests to forward emails to a friend
  • Enhance SEO by keeping your social media accounts and online profiles accurate and up-to-date

Manage Online Reviews

  • Claim, set up and optimize profiles on review sites to enhance your restaurant’s online presence
    • Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Google+, OpenTable (if applicable)
  • Manage and respond to reviews to enhance relationships with your guests
    • 1 and 2 Star reviews and the occasional 5 Star reviews

    Build Loyal Guest Relationships

    • Set up automated loyalty emails to incentivize repeat visits
    • Create integrated email and social media campaigns including compelling offers and contests that reward loyalty
      • 4 email campaigns per month
      • 3 to 5 Facebook and Twitter posts per week
    • Leverage Social Media to develop relationships with your audience
      • Respond to questions and comments
      • Repurpose guest generated content (reviews, tips, photos)

      Great Analytics: Measure + Report Results

      • Report on the performance of marketing activities
      • Provide recommendations for optimizing

      We Give Restaurants more reasons to say:

      "Yes, I'm in!"

      Facebook page setup & moderation | Google adwords & Facebook ads | Submission to food directories (e.g. Yelp)

      Newsletter & Email Promo Design | We Help Restaurants to Sell More! 

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