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Perfect Online Presence - Thrive Themes + MMT

Tired of NOT Getting Found?

Sure you Agency or Developer said...
We do SEO, We do this, We do that... B.S.!

All Talk! Congratulations...
They just SOLD you an Electronic Brochure.
You are INVISIBLE Online!

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What is the Perfect Online Presence?

Before we go into a "BIG PITCH" on our P.O.P. Program...

... Let's first talk about what we think is NOT a Perfect Web Presence!

Why do it this way?

It is often MUCH easier to identify what is WRONG vs what is RIGHT!

And why is that?

Because there are Hundreds of Thousands of

REALLY BAD Websites, Funnels & Landing Pages...

When  I say it or show it people automatically start nodding their heads!

But when we ask people to give us 3 Characteristics of High Performing Sites...

They don't know where to start! So here we go with the BAD!

Common Problems we See & Solve all of the time!

  • BAD or Out-of-Date Design
  • Cheesy Hard Sell that SCREAMS... "You Don't Want to Work with Us"
  • Mish Mash Layout and Design that is hard to navigate
  • No Value Proposition, Offer or Content that makes you want to stay
  • No Organic Traffic Potential, Lack of Searchable Content
  • No Visitor Capture, Tracking or Opt-In Mechanisms (Lead Magnets)
  • There are More... Way More!

No for an Easy Way for us to show you what good looks like...

(Without Giving Away ALL of our Secrets)

Scroll Down and look at the Background Image!

*** This Page is NOT the Perfect POP Page ***

And that is O.K. This page has a different intent!

Read On...

Perfect Online Presence!

Perfect Online Presence

Let's take a Closer Look at how the P.O.P. Layout Works!

We are only going to focus on the    BIG POINTS   ... Read through all of the Perfect Website Layout Notes!

#1: HEADER >

< #2: UVP

< #3: Call-To-Action

< #4: Messaging?

< #5: Compelling Copy

< #6: Keywords / SEO

Steps to Follow :7 >

< 8: Testimonials, "THEM", Tracking >

< 9: Lead Magnet & Valuable Content >

Key Point: Not ALL Freebies should be Opt-In Locked!

< 10: Build your Brand, Your Story >

Key Point:

Your PROBLEM SOLVED should be their PROBLEM NOW!

< 11: Secondary CTA or Repeat Original

LEAD MAGNET (Opt-In + Retargeting Pixel)

12: Google NAM & Contact Requests

+ Live Chat or Facebook Messenger

* Thanks to Fellow TFM Coaches *

Thank You for Great Curated Content!

You know who you are!

Want our Perfect Website Planning Kit?

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16 Pages of Awesomeness!

Frameworks, Checklists, Step-by-Step Setup Instructions along with access to our FREE Thrive Themes Apprentice Training on Launching your Kick Ass Thrive Themes WordPress Site! And a Whole Lot More!
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So you want to Build an Online Business?

5 Factors to Consider:

  • Do-It-Yourself or Done-For-You: Who will Build your Online Presence?

  • What Platform do I use: WordPress Website, or other CMS?

  • What WordPress Theme is Best: Thrive Themes, Elementor Pro or Astra Pro?

  • How to Build a Website: Are there Online Courses available?

  • How do I Learn to build an online business: Courses, Communities, Coaches?

Websites, Landing Pages & Sales Funnels!

Let's Get You Growing! 
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Dave & MMT took on our Launch Project like it was their own.

I had a bad experience with a previous web development company and MMT simply picked up the pieces and ran with our Funnel Project. From our Business Foundations to our Traffic Strategy they got things rolling and got it finished and help me plan for growth.

Jason Oliver

CEO @ Revilocity

David helped me build my first Opt-In Funnel and setup GetResponse. He was so thorough I had him setup up our B2B Lead Gen System, CRM and a complete AutoPilot Prospecting System for LinkedIn. We are taking our work together and packing it up for all of the distributors in my company! What a rare find in business.

Bill Davis

CEO @ AretePromotions

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