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BUILD – MarketingMouseTrap.com




Who are we and what do we do

MarketingMousetrap.com Marketing Tech Stack Experts


Founded in 2010… Rocking Campaigns ever Since!BIG Marketing for Small Business!

MMT Timeline:

  • 2006:  David Jamison B2B Sr. Strategic Account Executive
  • 2006: Using SalesLogix CRM & Sales Force Automation
  • 2006: Develop (for Personal Use) External Piggy Back B2B Sales & Marketing Automation System. Leveraging Outlook Email Plugin for Automated Sending. Create Personal BLOG for Engineering Design SaaS Software. Use as a non-invasive communication resource for customers. Include regular Posts, Articles, Tips & Tricks and General  Info Shares with existing & potential customers. Leverage part-time outsourced sales assistant for regular touch points and appointment setting. Also for New Account Data Scrapting via Google Searches. Add Companies & Contacts to external CRM for Data Imports. Used LinkedIn as Research Tool.(Outsource Costs: $75 per week – Paid with Mileage Money 🙂 ) There is more, but this is the origin of my B2B Marketing Automation. Wow… How things have changed.
  • 2010:  MarketingMouseTrap.com BLOG & Consultancy Founded
  • Official Launch: Late January 2010
  • Focus: >
  • Marketing Automation Consultant & Software Review Blog
  • Marketing Technology used:
  • HubSpot, InterSpire
  • 2012: Requests for WordPress Sites & Opt-In Campaign Builds 
  • 2012: InfusionSoft Partner
  • 2013: Launch Done-For-You Services Division
  • 2013: WordPress Development Services
  • 2013: Thrive Themes Agency Members
  • 2014: Sales Funnel Consulting Launches
  • 2015: GetResponse Enterprise Partner
  • 2015: ActiveCampaign Partner
  • 2016: Niche Market Coaching Launches
  • 2017: Youth Sports Coaching & Fitness Niche Focused Clients
  • 2017: ConvertKit, Drip, MailerLite & MailChimp Partners
  • 2018: ThriveThemesGurus.com Launches (Our Specialty)
  • 2018: Teachable, SendOwl, Everlesson Membership Site Builds 
  • 2019: Maximum Audience Growth Plans Launched (Setup)
  • 2019: 100% Thrive Themes Focused with + (above)  Automationi
  • 2019: Thrive Themes, ActiveCampaign, ThriveCart, ConvertBox becomes SOLID indisputable Marketing Tech Stack Selection.
  • Future… Sky is the Limit!

Your Site Visitors are not asking
“Do they use Thrive Themes? Or ClickFunnels or ActiveCampaign?”
NO … Not even close!
They visited your site for your Product or Service!
We use the Best Conversion Focused Stacks, Strategies and Messaging to insure that you have low “Bounce” & high “Conversion”… period! Capture, Engage, Convert!
No Lonely Funnels here!
The other thing we have learned over time (the hard way)
Avoid “Shiny Object Syndrome”!
Had some help from a few mentors on that one!
Our Mindset…
Find a Stack and make it work for you!
Let’s get Started on your Thrive Themes Based Web Presence today! Our #1 Goal is to make you successful online… That is it! Book a FREE Consultation Below and find out what “Great Marketing Advice” Looks and Sounds Like!

PLAN | BUILD | GROW ~ Let’s Get Growing Today!

Why do we like Thrive Themes?

Thrive Themes is on a Mission… 

And we are on it with them!


Our Mission is to help small businesses solve their #1 Problem!


Your website is not generating as much income for your business as you expected – no matter how much time and money you spend on it?


If this sounds like you… You need MMT & Thrive Themes!


Why we are Such Huge Thrive Themes Fans!

​Learn what Thrive Themes is all About…

The Thrive Themes Mission

They Believe You are Valued

Thrive’s mission is to provide an outstanding user experience from the very first moment someone visits your website, all the way through to becoming our subscriber, using Thrive Themes Tools and turning them into a customer.

Thrive Themes Ideas & Education

They Understand YouThrive is committed to serve their clients consistently. They never stop trying to get into their visitors’ head to resonate with their needs and provide content and service that they want.

Thrive Themes Mission

You will Learn from them

On Thrive’s marketing blog they have hundreds of posts that can help with their visitors’ business. They post new articles every week with general advice, video tutorials and tips to get the most out of their service and products.

Thrive Themes is Improving 24/7

They are Improving 24/7Every single day, Thrive’s goal is to do things better than the day before. They believe that they can make a real difference by consistently improving. (We see it in our Development as a Thrive Agency!)

​We don’t sell Websites & DIgital Marketing Services…

We Create Better Online Experiences for our Clients!

Meet the experts that Make MMT Rock!

David Jamison

David Jamison

Founder & Lead Consultant

Certified Business Performance Coach

Sunny Thrive Themes Developer

Sunny S.

Lead Thrive Themes Developer

Also a Thrive Themes Guru!

Lisa D VA Social Media Specialist

Lisa D.

Marketing Assistant Extraordinaire

Social Media / SEO / Content Marketing

Ian Moore

Nathan V.

Marketing Automation

Amir - Lead ChatBot Developer

Aaron J.

Graphic Designer

Neville M.

Copywriter / Influencer

We are Experts at taking care of your online business …

Plan for Profitability


Web Presence


Designed for Conversion


Creative & Engaging


Audience Growth


Conversion Optimized


Like what you see? Let’s Book a Call!

Our consultations are totally free!

Learn a Ton in 30 Minutes…

Client or Not…

Leave with Valuable Insights and our

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Marketing Tech Stack Blueprint!

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