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This 3 Step Development Process
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BIG Marketing for Small Business!

This 3 Step Process...

works with our small local clients, our e-comm marketers as well as our

Coaches, Agencies, Consultant type clients! It will work for you too!

We don't sell Websites & DIgital Marketing Services...

​We Create Better

Online Experiences for

our Client's Audience!

Our "Perfect Online Presence" Development Process


Step 1:

This is the Foundational Business Strategy Development Phase. We help develop your Perfect Customer Avatar, Your Offer, Your Messaging,  Your Value Ladder and your carefully crafted "Perfect Online Presence" and Client Acquisition Methods.


Step 2:

This is Step 2 in our "Perfect Online Presence" Development Process. This is the Easy Part. Whether building a Thrive Themes Wordpress Website, Conversion Focused Landing Page for a Google Ads Campaign or a Complete Sales Funnel and connecting it to ActiveCampaign and Thrivecart... Step 2 is where the Magic of P.O.P. Happens!


Step 3:

This is Step 3 in our "Perfect Online Presence" Development Process. This is where the Rubber Meets the Road. We use proven techniques to help create a Magnetic Audience Growth Plan using the PAG Formula. We use it too! Get Ready to open the Floodgates and start Growing your Audience, Subscribers, Conversions and Revenue!

GROW?  FLOODGATES? What is that... TRAFFIC! You Can't Grow without Traffic!

One of the Key Components of our "GROW" Phase is our Magnetic Audience Growth Method!

Magnetic Audience Growth Method

We took PAG...

Layered in our Signature Solution.

Used that as our Content Roadmap and made things Super Simple!

Clients got Super Clear on this Fast!

And they Got TRAFFIC! Lot's of It!

What is the "Magnetic Audience Growth" Method?

This is the Traffic Strategy we use and we also offer this as a Done-For-You Service!

We used to do Lead Generation in very different ways. For ourselves and for our clients. But we saw things changing in the marketplace and new that foundational SEO, Content Marketing, low cost google ads and providing REAL Value to our visitors (our Target Audience) and visitors that we did NOT have yet... was the HOLY GRAIL.

We had been talking with a couple of our mentors and and had taken a course called the  "Perpetual Audience Growth Formula" by EvergreenProfits.com  (PAG Blog) ... 

Needless to say we realized that this was the "HOLY GRAIL" we were looking for!

So we implemented it. We also offer the Online Course as an Affiliate Partner for EGP.

As we started offering the course... we would have people ask us... "Do you offer this as a Done-For-You Service?" So as we had more and more requests... We realized something was happening. The Market was changing and the market was being created right in front of us... Clients Ask... We Deliver! So this is now our Flagship Offering!

We are Experts at taking care of your Online Business ...

Plan for Profitability


Web Presence


Designed for Conversion


Creative & Engaging


Audience Growth


Conversion Optimized


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