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Is a Sales Funnel for a Medical Practice Different?

There are a FEW Key Differences... Similar to a Legal Funnel, you will have a REAL, LIVE Person that has to go through an In-take Process... You will have to decide how to continue the Out of Funnel Tracking for you Practice, and how the Prospect or Patient will Re-Enter the FUNNEL, be TAGGED and Tracked. Possible for after Services / Procedures Testimonials or simply Patient Follow-Ups or ongoing or additional services. So it is a bit different than say a Web Sales Funnel that is selling a Digital Download. It is a bit more complex, but we do it all of the time. And we make Complex Easy... So no worries! We will Handle all of the Techy Stuff for your Practice. You will just have to focus on the NEW Swell of Patients coming into your Practice and the New Revenue Generated as a result of our Sales Funnel Expertise. Are you Ready to get Started? Call Today!

MMT’s 3 Top Tips to Help Your Specialty Medical Practice Manage Website Leads

Medical Sales Funnels

June 3, 2017

To Grow and Manage Leads for your medical practice, you should have a clear understanding of their Profile or Avatar, be aware of the buying signals of leads that are in-market and effectively know how to Target them as an Audience on say, Facebook. Having a Clear Understanding of this makes your Funnel Predictable and also greatly enhances your ROI! We handle those details for our Clients, but there are a few DIYers that we have as Clients, so we try to educate everyone in the Specialty Medical Space.

1. Understand How Leads Are Generated Now…

Before you can refine your process, you should have a clear picture of how your medical practice’s website currently generates leads. If this part of your sales funnel isn’t already developed, take some time to map the process and determine the steps a site visitor takes to become a lead or patient. Once you know the current process, you can, either on your own or with us, layout a roadmap or funnel blueprint for developing a high converting Medical Niche Sales Funnel.

2. Optimize Your Lead Generation and Conversion Steps

Analytics, Metrics and A/B Variant Testing is the foundation of optimizing a High Converting Optimized Lead Generation System. Once you have identified the steps in the process, (How your website leads are captured) you can begin testing and tuning to refine the process. Most practices do not have a Marketing Manager that is Tech enough to handle this. This is where we come in. Let us be your Outsourced CMO!

+ We pride ourselves on being on the “Bleeding Edge” of Technology, and are always rolling out new methods of Audience Identification, Engagement Models and Lead Capture and Conversion. We are currently doing some very Cool Stuff on Facebook, along with what we are calling “Pre-Loaded Sales Funnels”! What is this?  >>> Well, schedule a Consult to Learn More!

So back to Metrics… One of the critical parts of a Good Funnel is A/B split testing, this helps us evaluate the effectiveness of virtually any of the Sales Funnel Elements, from Sales Copy, Visual Imagery, Colors, Placement and more…

Some of the Key Elements of our Sales Funnels are:

· Sales Copy {Attention}

· Offers “Value Proposition” {Interest}

· Psychological Triggers (P.O.P.) {Desire}

· Calls to action {Action}

· Landing pages – More of the Above if needed!

· Thank you pages

We Create versions of each of these elements based on marketing research, testing and current trends that we have used and know are working

3. Develop a Funnel, Implement Marketing Automation and Nurture Your Leads…

We live in a Instant Gratification Society today, so speed and timing is of the essence… Nobody waits and you do not want your Competitor to get the 1st Touch. (Critical – 89% of Leads that Convert choose the 1st Touch Point*). One of our Social Authority Amplifier Elements is “quick to reply gets the prize” and “The Fortune is in the Follow-Up” 2 Key Elements of Building a Prospects TRUST! Ultimately, this helps move them along comfortably and quickly through the Funnel. The Goal is to Convert from Prospect to Patient, Happy Patient, Patient Testimonial (10) and Social Proof Model as rapidly as possible. But keep in mind, even prospects that do not convert have a value. Why?

They will still appreciate your attention, will pass along their positive experience and help your Practice develop a Super Good Reputation in the Local Market Place. And they may even convert later down the Road… So every Lead is Golden and every Leads Timing and Circumstances are different.

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