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Lucky... I had to build all this myself! 

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NOTE: This Community is not a replication of other Business Coaching Memberships...

Our Community is adjunct or "Step 2" to those Communities. You will learn a ton of Great Information and get ALL the help you will ever need in Developing your "Business Plan" and if you chose our Community Choice for Phase 1, then you will have been given the FUNNEL Blueprints and really every piece of the PUZZLE will be Complete...

Except the 2 Giant Road Blocks that make even the BEST Laid Plans come to a Screeching Halt!

Online Business Road Blocks

So what are those 2 (maybe 3 or 4) Major Road Blocks?

#1. Building their Sales Funnel (The Techy Part) " Where do I Start?"...

Sure they might have given you a recommended "Marketing Stack" - We will too - but do you know how to use all of it?

#2. Traffic Generation - I am sure the Business Coach gave you some Clues...

But have you ever even touched the Facebook Ads Manager - Have You? And don't even get me started on Wordpress, Hosting, the Lead Capture Plugins, the Social Media Management Software, the Marketing Automation Platform, List Segmenting, Tags, Triggers! STOP! 


Join our "Perfect Funnel Formula" Funnel Lab Member Group

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