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Create Great Forms, Capture New Subscribers, Deliver Custom Messages, Deliver Lead Magnet Downloads, Send Great Welcome Email Sequences, Trigger Campaigns from Actions, Time, Sales Follow-Ups and More. A Robust Marketing Automation Solution for You!

Intelligence Driven Automations

We provide countless options for what you can automate within each of your automations. Update data, initiate campaigns, add branches, add conditions, wait for certain things to happen, start or nurture sales processes, etc. Real Power at your Service!

Track Interactions & Behaviors from Sites and Apps!

Track page visits and custom events that you define, providing real-time behavioral analysis.

Complete Segmentation!

Track page visits and custom events that you define, providing real-time behavioral analysis.

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Use Marketing Automation tools to react to subscriber actions in ways that help you reach your goals. Implement tagging and scoring for even more precise segments. Create a conversion path that’s educational, enjoyable, and compelling. Marketing Automation cuts big goals down to manageable size.

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Create Emails for Campaign

Create Email

Schedule Email in Automation Sequence

Schedule Email

Send Email im Email Marketing Module

Send Email

Tracking Emails - Email Analytics

Track Emails

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Small Business Marketing Automation Software

Scalable Integrated Marketing Platform

The ActiveDEMAND Small Business Marketing Automation package is part of a complete integrated marketing platform solution for business. As your business grows, so does ActiveDEMAND. Brand management, event marketing, website tracking, lead scoring, resource paywalls, web forms and ecommerce integration are just a few features that make ActiveDEMAND ideal for small business.

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So Yes, there are others... Started with HubSpot, then Spectate, then others... Then Act-On, InterSpire... I can't keep Count! Oh and then, and I apologize here as I REALLY felt that this one was a Long-Term Contender for me... InfusionSoft! Still a Referral Partner for them even Today! But it has since lost it's Luster and the Functionality does not warrant the Price Tag. But there are so Many... But I will Still give InfusionSoft Props!

So here is a Question that I get asked Often... 

What's the Difference between
InBound & Marketing Automation?

Inbound marketing is mainly about attracting visitors to your organization’s website and then converting those visitors into new leads. In other words, inbound marketing’s focus is to feed the top of the funnel by producing a lot of attractive content in the form of blogs, social media, video, podcasts and more.

Marketing automation is more about how an organization profiles and communicates with existing leads, prospects and customers. Marketing automation’s focus is moving people who are already in the funnel, through the funnel. The essence of marketing automation is outbound – segmenting, emailing and interacting via social media.

Successful marketing automation vendors have been amplifying their inbound marketing messaging. HubSpot, which defined the inbound marketing category, has been amplifying its marketing automation messaging.

They are both Critical and Intertwined... In my humble opinion, you will never reach maximum ROI if both are not employed. It is a never ending cycle. A Moving Parade of Sorts... Inbound is 1st and then Marketing Automation picks up and nurtures, grades and moves prospects along the path to revenue generation.

In many ways, marketing automation is more mechanical and analytical than inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is as much of a philosophy as it is a technology. But there are tools, tactics and techniques involved with marketing automation. The philosophical part is summed up by HubSpot’s current tagline, “Create Marketing People Love.” In other words, stop interrupting people and give them reasons to organically venture in your direction.

We have a NEW Product Coming on Line Soon!

What is it? Sendlane!

Why another Email Marketing Platform? Well it has to do with Industries, List Quality, Marketing Methods and More.

Some platforms are more sensitive about marketing methods, number of new subscribers, where they came from, moving Opt-Ins from one Platform to another. The Last thing you want is to have your Domain or your Marketing Automation Software provider to blacklist you. As much as I love ActiveCampaign, they will lock a users account in a flash if you get a half dozen or so unexpected unsubscribes or if your email get's caught in a spam filter.

So with all of that being said, we have found alternate platforms that may be used for Launch Marketing and other Platforms that are used once things are up, running smoothly and your methods, strategies and tactics have been refined.

So one of our Go To Products for those that want to Affiliate Market as an Example is SENDLANE.... Check it out here:​

Sendlane - Built by Digital Marketers for Digital Marketers