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Social Authority Building

Read and Apply the 10 Tips... You will see your Social Authority rapidly gain traction and grow! Learn More about Social Authority and how Content Marketing can help you become the "Go To" Influencer in your Niche!

Key Points:

  • Social Authority Cheat Sheet (How to use it)

  • influencers (Who they are and How they became an influencer)

  • influencer marketing (What is Influencer Marketing?)

  • influencer (A few examples of influencers in their space)

What is Social Authority?

It is the QUANTIFIED value of Social Media that comes from engaging in interactions and conversations with your audience. This is why publishing Content is so powerful. It is truly a GIVE to GET Lead System.. The more you give, the more your social capital grows, and the more people come to trust you and ask you to help them grow their business.

Social Authority is developed when an expert in their niche or field regularly participates in online conversations and contributes valuable content and education in an informal way..

Influencer Marketing stems from the Social Authority that an individual has developed. Once they gain a certain level of status... If they mention your business... You will get an immediate boost. That is the simplest form of Influencer Marketing.

Building Social Authority requires a new way of thinking and operating. It is always about GIVING first. Give to Get!

Social Biz Flow has lasered in on strategies to build your Social Authority. That means knowing what to say, not just how to talk. Social Media isn’t just an extension of traditional marketing channels, it’s a complement to them.

Building Social Authority is applying the principles of active listening, constructive conversation and pay-it-forward generosity. Ask anyone who has built a large community how they did it and they’ll tell you that they started by giving more than they got.

The Fletcher Method is a good example of this. Aaron Fletcher is an Influencer and is constantly posting valuable information for his community to consume. His Content Marketing System is what drives his audience and his Social Authority.

Learn More about the Fletcher Method below: