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David Jamison, CEO & Founder of

Sales Funnel Consultant & Certified Business Performance Coach

Certified Business Performance Coach - The Fletcher Method

Learn the "1 Single Thing " that business owners fail to do, that leads to their online marketing frustration or failure.

Learn how to easily launch & scale your online business.  Learn about our coaching program or maybe our Done-For-You Services.

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The Process...


Complete Business & Strategy Planning Frameworks that insure we miss nothing with your Online Business Planning & Setup!


Carefully Crafted & Fully Optimized

High Performance Funnels

"The Perfect Funnel Formula!"


No Lonely Funnels Found Here

Once All Is Built, Tuned & Tested

We Open The Traffic Floodgates!

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Before we met Dave @ MMT, we were trying to do the Tech Stuff ourselves. We originally went to him just for Done For You Services... You know, Funnel Builds. Well on our 1st Session Dave said "Russell, you are approaching this all wrong, you have to do 1st things 1st... Not Second! Show me your Foundation? What happens to anything without a Solid Foundation?" So we followed his lead and we could not be more please with the Results!

Dr. Y, Rejuvia, Florida

I had been running my Practice for years based on just referrals. Well, online  marketing, facebook ads, funnels and the rest caught up with me. I was seeing brand new practices passing me by. I talked to one of my Colleagues that does Sports & Regenerative Medicine. He referred me to David @ They walked me & my Marketing Director through the Foundations, Funnels & Floodgates process, Super Thorough. We learned that David is a Certified Business Performance Coach with the "Fletcher Method", and that this process is the same process used by some of the Largest Companies and Professional Marketers in the World. So we knew we were in good hands. Thanks for Everything MMT!

Dr. P,  Cosmetic Surgeon

Your Online Success is Closer than you think!

We can help you create an Automated Lead Generation System that works for you 24/7/365!

Build it, Scale it, Repeat it (if you want) or Relax and know you have a Steady Flow of New Customers or Patients! Whether it is Customers on Demand or Patients on Demand!

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