Every Online Business needs a Conversion-Focused VSL!

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On-Demand Workshop (VSL Course)

How to Create a High-Converting Video Sales Letter

VSLs are a must for Service Type Businesses. And with a  crowded marketplace, a compelling VSL is often the difference maker between a visitor and a customer. How do we do it? We combine perfect copy with psych triggered copy, along with a super simple "powerpoint" style presentation and a good voice over. (for those of you too shy to get in front of the camera.

Video Sales Letters "Done Right" consistently converts cold traffic into hot new customers!

Here's What We'll Create Together

In this workshop, you'll work directly with MMT Learning Hub Co-Founder and CEO David Jamison to craft a high-converting Video Sales Letter that transforms virtual "strangers" to your brand into paying customers...automatically and predictably.

  • Script a high-converting video sales letter from scratch...even if you've never written a word of sales copy in your life (TIP: Our fill-in-the-blank fraemworks make it quick, simple, and nearly-impossible to mess up)
  • Discover the core concepts of video selling and how you can leverage this to grow your business and why video (according to google) outperforms text.
  • Leverage the 5 types of VSLs  that engage your audience and scream "WATCH ME" !
  • Learn MMT Learning Hub tips for recording and producing your VSL, along with some quick & easy methods that will work for you (and no expensive equipment or studio are needed for this)
  • Optimize and improve the conversion rate of your VSLs...WITHOUT replicating multiple videos or using crazy testing software.
  • MMT Learning Hub proven copy-and-paste templates (2 unique video frameworks and scripts included) that make building multiple conversion focused video sales letters as easy as "FILL IN THE TEMPLATE"

...By the time your finished, you'll have a kick ass video sales letter that converts Cold Traffic into HOT New Customers!

Video Sales Letter Course

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What You'll Learn

MMT Learning Hub Tested & Proven Video Blueprint

We've seen the good, the bad, and the just plain ugly when it comes to VSLs. We've also spent hundreds of thousands of dollars testing every type of Video Sales Letter imaginable, so we know what works and (more importantly) what doesn't...and you're going to leverage all of this tireless research to craft a video that sells your product, quickly and effectively.

High-Impact Strategies You Can Implement for Your Business in Hours

The process of shooting a proper VSL used to take WEEKS. Luckily, things have changed. We'll take you, step-by-step, through the process of scripting, recording, and optimizing your video sales letter...all in a matter of hours. Not days and certainly not weeks. This workshop is meant to expedite the process of crafting a sales video and save you valuable time.

Options for Every Type of Business

Learn the 5 types of VSLs that are absolutely, 100% proven to convert. You'll be able to pick and choose which ones you want to leverage for your business. Mix and match styles to make your ideal sales video, or stick to one you're most comfortable with—it's completely up to you.

And don't worry...if you're terrified of being on camera, there are multiple VSLs that do not require your image to be on the finished product.

David Jamison

David Jamison

Co-founder & CEO –

& the MMT Learning Hub!

David Jamison is the Founder and CEO of MMT Learning Hub. Over the last 36 months David and his team have invested a small fortune running  marketing tests.

We do the Testing, Refining and Heavy Lifting so your Business can avoid the Trial and Error associated with running a small business and competing and succeeding in a very competitive online marketplace.

Retail: $229 | Promo Price: $49 | Save $180 - 79% OFF

  • Instructor: David Jamison
  • Lessons: 3
  • Length: 3 Hours
  • Access: Lifetime access

Topics Discussed

"MMT helped put us on the MAP with their VSL Building Course. We might not be in business today if it were not for the VSL HELP we got from David and his Team. Plus the Course allows us to repeat it over and over. Even with our New Team Members." – Sarah G.

"The Concepts in this Course never get OLD. We have used it each time we build a NEW VSL and our Videos and OUR SALES get Better and Better!.." – - Todd C.


Not Ready Yet?

Ok... We get it!


18 Point Cheat Sheet!

Maybe your are a

Or just shopping the Competition...

It's OK we do it too!


"How to Sell Anything" with our 
5P Email Sequence?


Lifetime Access!

Join this On-Demand Workshop Now for $49

Retail: $229 | Discounted Price: $49 | Save 79%

Workshop Description

Once you go through the 1st Hour of the Course we will walk you through Step by Step while you build your own VSL.

And the last part of the Course we will then go back and help you do a REVIEW and REFINE process with your VSL.

What else do I get?

The tried and proven:

A.I.D.A. Mad Men Selling Process

5 P Selling Process that works in your VSL or your Email Sequences.

Psych Trigger Cheat Sheet we use in ALL of our Content

How to write Winning Sales Copy Primer PDF

18 Step VSL Build Cheat Sheet

VSL Software we use

BONUS Backgrounds, Templates and More!

BONUS Discounts on VSL Building Software

How to Leverage VSLs in your Strategy Sessions

How to Use VSLs right inside your Webinars (think Commercials)


How, When and Where to use VSLs to your Advantage
Even if you're already using video in your marketing, you are most likely not using it to it's highest advantage. We can help you Crush your Competition with Better Video!

At the End of the Course you will have:

  • More SKILLS +
  • A fully functioning, high-converting (VSL) video sales letter that you can use to get on your site, on social media... where ever! To generate new leads and customers faster than you ever thought possible. And yes this is for the No Tech, Low Tech Newbie too!
  • Maybe not a NEWBIE... But have Never Done Video... You will have
  • An understanding of the core concepts of video selling (and why video usually outperforms text, alone)
  • Tips for recording and producing your VSL, along with some quick and dirty methods that will work even if you don't own a video camera
  • A proven process for optimizing and improving the conversion rate of your VSLs...without having to re-record additional versions


 Learn How to develop Perfect Landing Pages that Convert, Time and Time again!
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"How to Sell Anything" with our 
5P Email Sequence?


Lifetime Access!

​Is there anything Better than Video?

Maybe... What is it? Email?

Gotcha... Nope, it is NOT Email... And it is Not ChatBots (We like them both though)

It is F2F Sales! What the Heck is F2F... Come On Now... It is OLD FASHIONED "Face-to-Face" Selling!

But those of us who operate Online Businesses cannot sit down LIVE with all of our Clients or Customers!

S​o what we do is create the Perfect Sales Presentation!

No Mistakes, No talking your way out of a Sale! (Been there, Done that!)

And the Best Part of VSL Selling....



​Sell to Thousands... Not 2 or 3 a Day, Driving Stop to Stop! Sweating, Sales Blunders, Personality Mis-Matches.!

None of That!

VSLs Work!

In this Course you will not only have access to all of our Frameworks, Cheat Sheets and other resources...

You will learn about the BEST, Low Cost Tools we use to build our own VSLs in less than an Hour!

Join this On-Demand Workshop Now for $49

Retail: $229 | Discounted Price: $49 | Save 79%

​Watch Us Create a VSL using EasyVSL in less than 60 Seconds!

The Power behind our VSL Course:

At MMT we are Good Marketers... Granted! But our REAL Claim to Fame is using Killer (Yet Affordable) Tools to make our Marketing Funnels and Campaigns look like a Million Bucks! Plus they have to CONVERT! Bottom Line.

So we don't have time to waste learning crazy expensive and complicated tools! We use TOOLS that work for us and can be used by even the newest startups on a tight budget!

This Video Snippet will show you how we create our VSLs!

STOP Struggling and START GROWING  with VIDEO!

​Back to the Course!

Course Breakdown:

Step 1:

FRAMEWORK of Video-Based Selling

Our VSL Framework lays out Step by Step how we go through our own VSL Planning sessions, how we use the 18 Step Planner to layout each part and eliminate the Tech Headaches associated with developing Sales Videos. We can go through and build a brand new VSL in less than 1 Hour.

​Step 2:

Writing the Script: Better Copy for your  Video Sales Letter

MMT Learning Hub Co-Founder and CEO David Jamison will walk you through a step-by-step plan for quickly rolling out a Video Sales Letter that champions your brand for your new subscribers, makes a positive and authoritative  impression, and converts these new visitors to subscribers and subscribers to buyers! Don't bait them in and lose them! VIDEO CAST NETS!

​Step 3:

The TOOLS! Recording, Optimizing and Hosting Your Video

We take you, step-by-step, through the entire tech process!

No Stress or Tech Overwhelm here. We share all of our Secrets in this Course. You will be doing what we are doing by the end of your course. Stop the Guesswork and Start Copying Success! 

​Step 4:

Swiping, Customizing and Optimizing Your Video Sales Letter

Vimeo, Wistia, Google analytics. EasyVSL, DropMock, Viddyoze and other Tools to develop High End Video that produces High End Results! Plus a few other Special Tools like TubeBuddy and we even show you how to produce and host LIVE VIDEO on YouTube and Facebook! And maybe even a Webinar Trick or 2!

Join this On-Demand Workshop Now for $49

Retail: $229 | Discounted Price: $49 | Save 79%


​Can I re-watch the Course?

Of course...

Our Workshop is an "On-demand" training that you can access at any time, anywhere. 

It is Cloud Based.  Read more

Who is this Workshop for?

Any online or local marketer interested in learning how to leverage sales videos to grow their business 24/7/365!

Marketers, Agencies, Coaches, Consultants and More. Read more

​​Are you sure this is for me?

Answer: VSLs are for every business type. And they are the most scalable way to generate more predictable and repeatable sales and growth for your company! Read more

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Retail: $229 | Discounted Price: $49 | Save 79%

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