Magnetic Audience Growth Method
Content Creation Engine

So your Launching the "Magnetic Audience Growth" Method?
You have to Feed your Machine...

Driving your Traffic Strategy with Content Marketing is Smart Decision!
Let's choose your tools and setup your own in-house

Content Creation Engine

to create, drive and monitor your content!

Some of our Favorite Tools

Content is the Fuel that drive your Traffic!
We can Show you How to Create High Test Fuel!

And do it without Breaking the Bank!

Get your Content Engine Running!

9 Blog Articles based on your Signature Solution or Road Map

Segmented Content - hidden SEARCH Gem keywords for MAG

Resources, E-Books, VSLs, Lead Magnets, Podcasts + More

On-Page SEO Tools + Focused Keyworded Blog Copywriting

+ Visually Stunning Content that appeals to your Target Audience

Set Up Google Ads & The "Feeder Campaigns" to drive Traffic

Create your own Content Creation Engine or let us help you with Content!


  • Blog Article Writing
  • Social Posts
  • Lead Magnets 
  • E-Books
  • ​​Video Sales Letters
  • Brochures
  • More!

Content Creation Engine
Done-For-You Content Creation!

We create Really Great Content
for our clients

We are Really Good and Good Content is Not Cheap!

But we make Content Creation Affordable and do a 90 Day to Pay Program

Get a 3 Month Plan for your MAG Campaign (See Below)

A couple of quick notes regarding content marketing software you will need!

*** We strongly recommend using ContentStudio & Replug whether you use MMT for your ContentCreation

Another Low Cost Option is Buffer and it is also integrated with Snappa (a Great Low Cost Tool we use) ***

Check Out ContentStudio:

Streamline Your Social Media and Content Marketing

Powerful content marketing and social media management platform for startups, publishers, brands

& agencies who want to share the best content consistently and increase their reach.

Don't Forget to ask us about REPLUG.IO

(integrates with ContentStudio)

For Easy Social Profiles, Covers & Ads... Check Out Snappa

(integrates with Buffer)

Whip up graphics for social media, ads, blogs, and more - even if you're not a graphic designer.

Snappa saves you time every step of the way


You Ready for MMT's Favorite Content Creation App?

Content Creation

Re-Purpose Your Content to Reach More People

Transform your Blog posts, Podcasts, Videos and PDFs into eBooks, Show Notes, Dynamic Flipbooks, Transcripts, PDFs and Web pages. Great for creating Page & Post PDFs to use for Quality Backlinks

Repurpose the content you already have and boost your traffic and leads by reaching new audiences

Over 1 Million eBooks Already Created

Our users are actively growing their brands, increasing traffic to their websites and building their lists using Designrr

NOTE: A Question answered by Paul Clifford of regarding Content Curation

(Paul) I get this question a lot and there is a clear distinction between copying someone's post and content curation.

I don't need to explain the first point, but content curation is a proven ethical strategy for providing quality content to your audience and sending love to the source content.

The key things to remember are :

  1. Introduce your post/e-book in your own words.  You need to give context and meaning to the content that you're creating.  EG. In this Post/e-book I've outlined the top 7 techniques for baking apple pie without using gluten that will take 30 minutes or less.  (By the way list posts are proven traffic generators)
  2. When you curate the source content - don't copy all of it.  Just take what you need to make the point and no more than 50%.
  3. Attribute the source.  You can link within your intro, or at the end of each curated paragraph, either way provide a link and explain where the content came from.  
  4. Wrap up your post with a summary in your own words and call to action to tell them what to do next.

Back to Content Creation for You!

Done-For-You Content Creation Plans:

Month 1:  

Setup ContentStudio Account (MMT Agency Account) Learn about ContentStudio Here

Keyword Planner, 3 Blog Articles, On-Page SEO, 1 E-Book, 1 Slide Driven Video (Post to YouTube)

Month 2:  Keyword Planner, 3 Blog Articles, On-Page SEO, 1 E-Book, 1 Slide Driven Video (Post to YouTube)

Month 3:  Keyword Planner, 3 Blog Articles, On-Page SEO, 1 E-Book, 1 Slide Driven Video (Post to YouTube)



Our Platforms and Training will make you a veritable Content Creation Machine!



We never believed it could be this Easy. We were not prepared to pay an Agency to Create everything! Once we grabbed a few of the super easy to use tools that MMT and CCE eses., we were all set and up and running.... FAST!."

Johnathan Berguson, Owner at

We were super excited about the Magnetic Audience Growth Method... But we just did not have time to create the content to drive the marketing. We explored a few options and the fees were simply outrageous. We had Dave @ MMT do a proposal to create all of our content and we were stoked. Plus they have a 3 Pay Plan over 90 Days which works with the Content Roll-Out Strategy! Talk about BIG Marketing for Small Business!  These guys have nailed Content Marketing for the Small Guy.

Gus Waterman, Owner at

What Customers had to say about our CCE  Training!

"Awesome Training, Better Tools and Great Team at MMT! Love the Sharing!"

Johnathan Berguson, BBB & Co.

"​Never imagined it could be this FLIPPIN Easy to Create Content. WOW!"

Angelo ​Fellagio, FellaBlog

"I started creating content for myself. We (Me & Wife) are now creating daily!."

Arnold Trenton, Owner at TLG

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