Are you in Sales? Own a Small Local Business?
What's the 1 Thing all of you Always NEED?

LEADS & SALES! What if you could Automate that?

Game Changing

Sales Automation Software:


Amazing Sales Automation Software:

Finds Your Ideal Customers, Delivers The Initial Approach And Moves Them Through Your Sales Funnel On Complete Autopilot...

Saving You TIME And Delivering Results

From David Jamison: Owner of

(Real User of Lead Mining Software)

I was using a Software that was costing us $197 a Month to extract Leads from LinkedIn. And I had no way to get them into my Automation Platforms, even after they opted in to my List. It was Great, but Expensive and Clunky.

DISCOVER is not only Better (All the Platforms: Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn... but it integrates with our Marketing Automation. Now we are Generating Leads AND Sales all in one Sequence. We got the CHARTER License at $297. Saving a TON of Money, Time and Makes LEADS and SALES a BREEZE. Plus we got ENGAGE at No Extra Cost!

AWESOME! Thanks Discover Software!

Not Convinced?
Watch the Webinar Replay: Grow your LEADS & SALES on Auto-Pilot!

Not Just Leads But SALES – DISCOVER New Software For Business

INCREDIBLE New Software not only finds local businesses that are YOUR kind of leads
but will approach them, follow them up and CLOSE THE SALE for you –
All on autopilot.
It’s one of the biggest advantages in local marketing I have ever seen.

Walt Bayliss, long term software entreprenuer, and brilliant local marketer has released
an INCREDIBLE piece of software, from his own experience, that will completely automate your entire
sales process for you. And even more valuable is that DISCOVER can be set to run completely on Autopilot.

Finding leads,  Following Up on them, Making sales, Repeat. Andd Repeat
And REPEAT – Working 24 x7 without hesitation to fill your sales funnels and your accounts.


And ONLY if you are one of the fast action takers
you can get a CHARTER LICENSE
which means you’ll never have to pay a monthly or yearly fee!
that’s pure amazing –
And Walt’s Software NEVER has that offered
And that makes it amazing in itself.
If I were you – I’d grab it before he comes to his senses.

the most advanced lead generation and sales automation software
that has ever been released.
With strictly limited CHARTER licenses.

ACT NOW and secure your copy {insert affiliate link}

You’ll be so glad that you do.

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Walt Bayliss

CEO, Hydrogen Software

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