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Better Online Marketing for Small Businesses – MarketingMouseTrap.com

Better Online Marketing for Small Businesses


Are You Struggling with your Online Marketing?

We help Small Businesses create the Perfect Online Presence…that Builds a Ravenous Audience and attracts consistent, qaultiy website trafficthat generates targeted leads and builds a predictable revenue producing machine!

Are you Ready to Grow your Magnetic Audience?

Let’s Get You Growing!


Create the Perfect Online Presence…Optimize your Website for conversions and turn existing traffic into profit

A Website, Landing Page or Funnel does nothing if it does not speak to your audience and their immediate Problem! Visuals, Messaging, Offers, Opt-ins… Get it right and it is easy. Get it wrong… and you have a lonely bounce machine!

This is by far the easiest online problem to fix.

We will do a Website Conversion Optimization Audit and…

Build a Plan to make your Online Presence POP!

Boost your Website Traffic +Drive more Traffic with Smart SEO, Audience Focused Content & Low-Cost PPC to drive consistent, quality traffic to your site… That already wants what you offer! No Hard Sell! And keep them coming back for more!

Your Website can get very Lonely without the proper Traffic Strategy…

And Why Drive Traffic if you are not going to CAPTURE IT? Our Content Marketing & Social Media Optimization Plans are quite possibly the Best Traffic Spend there is. Our Strategy is SEO, SMO & Content Marketing 1st… then Graduate to Pay-Per-Click after the Foundation is built.

Leverage your Content Creation Engine for Social, Referrals & Reach to drive even more traffic to your website! You Nail it, Leverage it, Scale it!

Our “Magnetic Audience Growth” Method is designed for Scale! With built in Traffic Boosters to allow you to go from “Good Lead Flow to Maximize Grow” in 1 Click!

 MMT’s “Done for You” Services Menu

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Funnel Builds“7 Types of Funnels”

Landing Pages“Facebook & Adwords Compliant”

Email Marketing“GetResponse & AcitveCampaign”

Social Media“Optimization & Marketing”

Content Marketing“Optimization & Automation”

Search Engine Optimization“Optimization & Automation”

Messenger Chatbots“Engage, Convert, Support”

STOP… This is COSTING you Conversions & Money!

What is the Biggest Mistake…yet Easiest to Fix Online Marketing Blunder?

The Single-Most Important “MUST HAVE” on your Home or Landing Page?

#1: Captivating One-Line Marketing Message… or the “Million Dollar Message”, Unique Value Proposition… etc.Hands down the #1 cause that tanks B2B response rates is a bad one-liner. Every one-liner should have as many of the following four key elements as possible.The Character: You must call out who you’re selling to, or they won’t think the message is for them.The Problem:What’s the #1 problem you solve for your prospects (the real problem)?The Plan:Exactly what you do in layman’s terms without being vague and while still being unique.The Success:Paint a picture of what life could look like after they use your service or product.TIP f you get this one-liner right and put it at the top of your website you can easily boost conversions by 50%.Here’s an example of a Perfect Million Dollar Message…We help struggling Online Business Coaches scale their qualified leads on Google, Facebook & LinkedIn, create a perfect funnel formula and start building a predictable conversion machine… 24/7/365!The Character:Founding members or executives of a companyThe Problem:Busy or time-strappedThe Plan:Rapidly quic-starting their traffic & qualified leads so they can confidently grow and scale their online coaching business.The Success:A predictable revenue driving machineTIP:If you’re in a competitive market or sell a commodity, you must knock down the big domino (Source: Russel Brunson) and make them believe (Source: Frank Kern) what you’re selling will work for them.The big domino is the #1 objection that is often hidden (meaning the prospect won’t tell you) that kills the response. If you’re a marketing agency, the big domino is they don’t believe you can get them qualified leads. You must call out the big domino and knock it down (eliminate objection) i.e. Risk Reversal etc.Another example:We help small local business owners jump-start their Online Presence and begin generating consistent leads and sales and eliminate the time burden of D.I.Y. Mareketing so they so they can focus on “The Business Itself”, drive the business, grow and expand! … and work less so they can have a Real Family Life again! (Important)The Character: Small  Local Chiropractic, Sports Injuries & Pain ClinicThe Problem:Saving the owner from drowning in failing DIY marketingThe Plan:Provide affordable DFY Online Marketing Services that work for them.The Success:Traffic, Leads, Sales on a “Set it and Forget it” Marketing Automation system that help them have a better business, predictable revenue and more time to spend with family & friends.#2: Undeniable Market Credibility… i.e. Trust, Authority & Social ProofPeople searching “Near Me”, Retargeting Ads and other unfamiliar businesses struggle to gain the trust of prospects that are ready to buy now or in the very near future… And even more so with B2B cold outreach, most prospects are skeptical and struggle to believe the statements. Saying you’re the best “Whatever” provider in town means very little if you can’t back it up with case studies, testimonials and other methods of “Proving It”!Examples of strong authority and business credibility builders:We’ve created Marketing Systems for large companies like Autodesk, franchises like Orange Theory and even Small Local Businesses that provide everything from Home Services, Medical Practices and Fitness Trainers and more!We work with over 250 local businesses in Florida.Our clients see an average 300% increase in Website Traffic and a 140% increase in Leads.We have built over 300 High Performing Funnel Systems in the last 5 years.We’ve generated a 2765% ROI on 1 B2B Campaign for a Design Automation Software Company! And was able to repeat that campaign and similar results for over 1 year running…TIP: How many years you’ve been doing something is not a good credibility builder in top of funnel messages. Your potential clients want to see recent results you’ve directly generated in the form of concrete numbers.#3: Irresistible OfferA great offer can trump all. First, you must understand what the sales genius, Chet Holmes, found to be true years ago:Only about 3% of all your prospects are actually in-market for what you are selling at any given time.This means, even with a great one-liner with undeniable credibility, most of the time it still “isn’t the right time” for your prospects. The secret is to end your message with a call to action that’s practically impossible to say no to. Using this as a way to get your foot in the door, resulting in a natural up-sell or a smooth transition into a phone conversation.Examples of irresistible offer call to actions:Would you like a free SEO audit? Just drop your website and I’ll take a look.Can I ship you a free sample of our high-quality corporate T-shirts?Can I share a few case studies of results we generated for similar companies?Would you like a free copy of my best selling book?The key point is that even though 97% of prospects aren’t in-market for “corporate T-shirts”, they may still say yes to a free sample, and when the next company event comes around, they’ll remember you.TIP: This is why following up with every lead is key. You are burning cash if you don’t follow-up 3-7 times a year with prospects that have expressed interest but the timing just wasn’t right.In conclusion, every message should have a clear one-liner, strong credibility builder and an irresistible offer. You win if you can hit all those in the fewest words possible. Our top performers are 3-4 sentences. Of course, there are exceptions to the rules, but that requires testing.

We believe this is SO Important…You cannot afford to leave it to Guess Work!

Grab our FREE Cheat Sheet Now…Learn this and Fix yours Fast!

Hear what our Satisfied Clients have to say…

​​I had a site already (wix) but it was not doing anything for my business. Plus I knew my business well, but marketing online was really a mystery to me. I committed to the Coaching Program and used the DFY Credit to have my site converted to WordPress (Thrive Themes) and did a Basic Opt-In Funnel and started the Social Media Optimization Plan after launch. I closed 34 New Clients in the 1st 90 Days after Launch. That is more than I have had in the last 18 Months. I can’t even begin to tell you how ecstatic I am! Thx MMT!

Janise R. – “ADHD Coach”

Funnel Build & SMO Client “MMT”

MMT helped us optimize our Site after we switched to Thrive Themes. They also helped us tweak our Funnel (Ok maybe it was not a Real Funnel), got a Good Nurturing Email Sequence setup. We did basic On-Page SEO, got our Site Submitted (nobody told us???) and committed to their “Better Than Nothing” Marketing Plan and the “Kick It” Content Marketing Program and we are Rockin’ now. We have always heard about online results and thought it was all B.S., but now we know how to do it right and it is VERY REAL! Thx MMT

Ian D. – “Sports Performance Coach”

Site Optimization, CAC Funnel & Content Marketing


Before one of your Competitors Do!Turn your Web Presence into a24/7/365 Lead Generation Machine!

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