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Learn How to Build your Own Content Creation Engine!

Learn How Easy it Really Is!


On-Demand Workshop - Content Creation Engine


How to Build your Own CCE!

What if you had an Internal Process (and the Tools) to build your own Content Marketing Machine?

You would  need skills, staff, software, ideas, inspiration + blood, sweat and tears! RIGHT?

WRONG! We create Video Sales Letters, E-Books, InfoGraphics, Ads, Articles, PodCasts and more with just a few low cost tools and we "borrow" other peoples ideas to feed the engine.

It is NOT that Simple you say... Really it is! So if you want to learn how we can create our own VSLs, E-Books and a plethora of other content for peanuts and often in minutes... Read On!

So if you have been doing Marketing for any length of time, you have figured out that it takes content to grow and audience. Whether it is readers, subscribers, customers or something in between. And it can be exhausting. We know, I know. I did it for years. The Hard Way.

And then everything CHANGED!

We discovered a few KEY Tools and we were off to the races. It got so easy, we were doing it for clients too! And that side of our business actually grew faster than the Funnel and Traffic side of our business! We were landing 1 or 2 Content Clients a day for months. We partnered with another company to develop the content. Using our Tools and Process! It was awesome. And we are still doing that today. But it really had not been that long! A year maybe. But these tools and our process changed everything for us! It created a flow of revenue that we used to fund Ad Spend, Outsourcing, Virtual Assistants and we grew. The Content Creation Engine was our pass to the next level. And it can be your pass too! Our Course on this TOPIC will seem super simple for many!

But it is Real, It works and it is the Easiest and Funnest Part of this Industry! Do NOT overlook this!

​More about the Training

In this workshop, you'll work directly with MMT Learning Hub Co-Founder and CEO David Jamison to craft a high-converting Video Sales Letter that transforms virtual "strangers" to your brand into paying customers...automatically and predictably.

  • Content Creation. WHY? HOW? WHEN? WHERE? (TIP: Our fill-in-the-blank templates make it quick, simple, and nearly-impossible to mess up)
  • Discover the core concepts of Content Marketing and how you can leverage this to grow your business and why others FAIL EPICALLY at this!
  • Leverage the 3 types of Content that is most impactful and how to engage your subscribers with your new found content. And why it is a NO FAIL way to GROW!
  • Learn MMT Learning Hub tips for planning and producing your content. And ways to refine it and make it SUPER AMAZING! (even if you don't have a lick of Artistic Talent) btw - Not required... (artistic talent)
  • Optimize and improve the conversion rates ..With Kick Ass Content!
  • MMT Learning Hub proven Content Marketing Frameworks included. Normally only available to our High Ticket Coaching Clients!

...By the time we're finished, you'll have a complete content marketing strategy!

Register Now and let's start building YOUR Content Creation Machine!

What You'll Learn

MMT Learning Hub Tested & Proven "Content Creation Engine"

A Super Easy, but HUGELY (is that a word?) Informative Course on Content Creation.

We go over the Highest Impact Content and show you how we use easy to use affordable tools to create a never ending flow of content. Once you go through the 3 30 Minute Trainings you will be up and running with your own CCE!

High-Impact Strategies You Can Implement for Your Business in Hours (or  Less)

Plus get a FREE Set of Business & Funnel Planning Frameworks just because!

What business types does this apply to?

If you are Online, you need Content. Content is what FEEDS the Machine!

And don't worry...if you suffer from Tech  Overwhelm, or think you can't use the tools we use... Think Again! My 12 Year Old Daughter has been creating content for us since she was 10! (Ok s he is 13 now!)

David Jamison

David Jamison

Co-founder & CEO –

& the MMT Learning Hub!

David Jamison is the Founder and CEO of MMT Learning Hub. Over the last 36 months David and his team have invested a small fortune running  marketing tests. We do the Testing, Refining and Heavy Lifting so your Business can avoid the Trial and Error associated with running a small business and competing and succeeding in a very competitive online marketplace.

Retail: $129 | Promo Price: $29 | Save $100

  • Instructor: David Jamison
  • Lessons: 3
  • Length: 1.5 Hours
  • Access: Lifetime access

Topics Discussed

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Workshop Description

This might be the BEST, Most Impactful Training you can get on the WEB!

Now look, it is Super Straight Forward and Very Simple!

It is literally a STEP by STEP of what we do in our Content Engine!

But we are SHARING ALL of the SECRETS! Why? Hear it here now... or hear it from someone else later. This is the Way of the Web. Don't be Fooled by Gurus!

Or worse, High Price Agencies. That is not you and it is not for us!

We started as a D.I.Y. Marketers and we will finish that way!

And hey... if you need a bit more help! We got you covered with Low Cost Flex!

At the End of the Course you will have:

  • More SKILLS +
  • A fully functioning, CONTENT CREATION ENGINE!
  • A Massive Desire to  PUMP OUT Content like a Mad Man or Women!
  • Tons of Great Stuff to Share with your Audience (Or Grow an Audience)
  • Plus we will give you a Content Road Map and a PLANNER for CONTENT
  • And a few other COOL TOOLS to Share your Content on AutoPilot!


 Learn How to develop Perfect Landing Pages that Convert, Time and Time again!
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"How to Sell Anything" with our 
5P Email Sequence?


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​Watch a few of our Tools  in Action!

​Back to the Course!

Course Breakdown:

Step 1:



​Step 2:

The Machine


​Step 3:

 Bringing it all together!


​Step 4:

Swiping, Customizing and Optimizing Your Content

Our Super Easy Planning & Sharing Tools!

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​Can I re-watch the Course?

Of course...

Our Workshop is an "On-demand" training that you can access at any time, anywhere. 

It is Cloud Based.  Read more

Who is this Workshop for?

Any online or local marketer interested in learning how to leverage content to grow their business 24/7/365!

Marketers, Agencies, Coaches, Consultants and More. Read more

​​Are you sure this is for me?

Answer: Content is critical for every business type. And it is the most scalable way to generate more predictable and repeatable sales and growth for your company! Read more

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