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What is the MMT Lead Gen System and What will you Learn?

About the Course:

Product Explainer, Overview &  Training  Details:

What is it?



LinkedIn Lead Generation System

But what is the method or platform?

It is a social selling platform that provides a fast and efficient way to request introductions and grow leads that want to do business with you.

Sales Organizations

& Sales Professionals:

No time or touches wasted on invasive selling techniques.

What's Included in the Training?

All the software recommendations, links and setup training you need.

How to optimize your LinkedIn Profile for best results

How to target the POP! "Perfect Online Prospects"

How to setup & optimize your Marketing Automation Platform with Linkedin (with or without Sales Navigator)

Complete Easy to Follow, Step-by-Step Instructions on how to integrate your Tools with Linkedin.

More Training & System Details: 

Receive fresh leads and referrals from trusted sources in social business networks on autopilot (up to 100 a Day or 3000 a month  (Linkedin)

Automate and scale social selling for maximum reach and results.

Email & Messenger Integration

Cold 3 Email Touch System to Pre-Qualify Prospects that connect with you. (Fully automated)

Connect Opt-In Campaigns and Lead Nurture with Proven Sequences outside of LinkedIn

Connect Facebook  Messenger or other ChatBot Systems via Zapier

Retarget Prospects on Google Display Network, Gmail, Facebook and other proven Ad Systems (Optional or Phase to future)

Full  Social Scheduling Program with Custom Links & Retargeting Pixels embedded

Much More...

We will even show you a full video of us Setting Up the System for a Real Client and the System at Work!

The Key Principles in our LinkedIn Lead Gen System:

Be a Market Lead, Influencer and Stand Out in the Crowd! (We will show you how to do this in the course)

Create a Value Based Group to deliver valuable insights, tips and other industry focused resources to your new found network connections.

Have POP! Develop the Perfect Online Presence that will attract the right prospects and then leverage your POP to position yourself as a leader within your industry. This is much easier than you might think. (This part of the course is stellar and believe it or not... very easy to do)

Target, Target and Refine your Targets... Add them to your Automation after connecting and our Perfectly Triggered Sequences will have your Prospects calling you for your products or services! Ever heard of High Probability Selling? We if not... You will know what it is now!

Easy to Follow Steps & Easy to Use Tools to Launch your First LinkedIn Lead Generation System! On AutoPilot!

Our Course & System are the same type of systems used by the "BIG BOYS"...

Why pay $997, $9997 or more

... for Consulting and Training when you can deploy a proven system using low cost easy to use software that will cost less than you think and is not hard to setup! We have downloadable "Setup Roadmaps" with Templates and Follow Along Videos to walk you through the process!

(included in training)

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Lead Generation
Systems by MMT

The Best LinkedIn Lead Gen Course!

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Plus Learn how to integrate your ChatBot ... Let the Bot do the Dirty Work! :)

Our Course includes complete step-by-step instructions on how to connect your messenger account to linkedin and how to setup the perfect sequence to nurture your new prospect to close! Leveraging Messenger, SMS and Email for the "Perfect Online Prospecting" System! Watch your Sales POP!


Super Satisfied Student

We have been using this system for ourselves and clients for over 2 years. This system is vetted and optimized to provide maximum results! We have always been a  firm believer in "High Probability Selling"! Why try to sell to people that don't want to hear from you or want what you are offering. Selling is Fun when you sell to customers that want what you have! Let's make the FUNDAMENTALS of Selling FUN! With B2BEZ!

I had David & his Team deploy this for my  Company. Afterwards I shared the training with some of my fellow distributors within my industry. They absolutely Loved the Training and now they are using the same system... For a Fraction of what I paid MMT! But they made it worth my while. I was one of the Test Beds for the Program. We have increased our business by 8 Times since starting the LinkedIn Lead Generation System. Thanks MMT!

Bill Davis

CEO @ AretePromotions

We were looking for a Solution for about 40 Field Reps that take care of about 2500 Accounts. They did not have an effective method to target new accounts.  So they spinned their wheels on accounts they had in their CRM. Going NOWHERE! Now with the B2B Made EZ Training we have all of them leveraging this system. On Average they are growing their Network by about 300 Prospects a month and Close on average 7% of their new contacts! WOW!

Sonny Vinson

Regional Sales Director @ ZYM Products

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