What if you could have 6 or 7 Funnel Dudes for an Extra $194 a Month?


Website, Funnel Builds, Marketing Automation & Digital Marketing Project CATCH-UP Program - HUGE OFFER & HELP!

(aka Hurricane IRMA Recovery)

This Program will help us RECOVER the close to 2 Weeks of Production Loss due to Hurricane IRMA

Get an Entire Extra Marketing Team for $194!


So what is this Program and Offer?... 
and WHY should you take advantage of it?

Step #1: Read the FLYER

Step #2: Sign Up for the NO BRAINER DEAL!


This is a HUGE Opportunity that was extended to Me and MMT by one of my Industry Compadres due to Hurricane Irma and the Impact it has had on Florida, our Business, Time Loss and Production Losses on Client Projects due to the Storm. My Colleague extended this UNSOLICITED, so I was taken aback and wanted to extend this to my Current Clients and Clients that have been Active within the Last 90 Days. They are Offering MMT a HUGE Discount for a Small Team of Digital Marketing Techs, Wordpress Developers, Funnel Builders and Automation Sequence techs to assist me in getting my Clients caught up and possibly even ahead of Schedule.

The Program is $194 Per Month Extra! Get an Entire Extra Team of Digital Marketers!

 I can only Spin So Many Plates... Now you will have a TEAM of Plate Spinners!

Even though they are offering this at a HUGE Discount, I still have to come out of Pocket for the OS SERVICES. Some of our Clients will find this a HUGE Opportunity as their Projects may be Dormant or on a Special Fee Program. For our Normal (Non Pro-Bono) Clients it will be somewhat of a Super Cheap Windfall. And the Project Pace will be in Hyper-Drive!

We are offering this Program at $194 for Unlimited CATCH UP Work for the Month. 

*** The Extra CATCH-UP Project Help will ONLY be extended to those that commit to the Program. We think this is the only FAIR process. I hope everyone understands this!

YouTube VIDEO of Hurricane Irma Pounding the Upper Part of Florida... 
We were in Clay County! Stop Video at 6 Seconds to see where we were...
Scary Stuff!