Get an Entire Extra Marketing Team for $194!

Client Notice - Important Information:

Private Program - Do NOT Share! PLEASE!

I need your Help with this...

Great Gesture by one of my Industry Counterparts!

What if you could have 5 to 7 Web, Funnel & Marketing Dudes for an extra $194 a Month?


Website, Funnel Builds, Marketing Automation & Digital Marketing Project CATCH-UP Program - HUGE OFFER & HELP!

(aka Hurricane IRMA Recovery)


So what is this Program and Offer?... 
and WHY should you take advantage of it!

One of my Funnel Buddies, Chris contacted me Friday and asked if I was behind as a Result of the Storm. I told him that I had lost 10 Days or so... and that was ON TOP of being about a Week behind Schedule overall. (All Clients).

Of course I was curious why he was asking. This is what he said "2 Things, 1st Off I want to OFFER a HELPING HAND... and offer a Super Discounted Rate to help you get Caught Up! and #2 I am Staffing up and have added 5 to 7 Team Members that do what we do... and you can have the Entire Team for $194 per Client!"  WOW! That is what I said!

So I asked him is this for 30 Days, 60 Days... How Long? He said each client that commits to the $194 Extra can have that rate through MMT as long as they want it. So do it until your Funnel is Launched and Tweaked... and if you want to keep the assistance through them, as long as you are a MMT Client you have that rate. (at any level... we can work that out and still be fair to Chris).

So this is the thing... I have got to Catch Back up... and I have 4 New Clients coming on spreading me even thinner. My current Outsource Team can only do limited Web Edits and it often takes me longer to mark something up and send it out and then deal with the Revisions. So I barely use them anymore.

This Team is something I was BrainStorming with one of my Funnel Launch Communities, but finding Digital Marketers and Funnel Builders at an affordable Outsource Rate is pretty much a "Needle in a HayStack"!

So it would be a HUGE Help to me and to the Speed of Launch of your Funnel, Site and Marketing to JUMP on Board with this Program.

I can assure you that I am not trying to Squeeze an Extra $200 out of every client. But I unfortunately cannot invest in the Offer without each of my Clients help.

And to make it even Better... For every Month that you do the Program I will ADD 4 Hours of my Personal Flextime to your Account. So even if you are no longer a Paying Client you will have accrued 4 hours of my time for every month you invest in the Catch Up program... Sound Fair. That way we are BOTH Invested in it!

Put your PROJECT in HYPER-DRIVE for an Extra $194 per Month!

This is a HUGE Opportunity that was extended to Me and MMT by my Favorite Funnel Buddy! My Compadre' felt compelled due to Hurricane Irma and the Impact it has had on Florida, our Business, Time Loss and Production Losses on Client Projects due to the Storm. My Crazy Colleague extended this UNSOLICITED, so I was taken aback and wanted to extend this to my Current Clients and Clients that have been Active within the Last 90 Days*.  If you are getting this I included you in my Current and Most Recent Client List to Chris so they are already prepping for the Project Instructions and Volume.

Chris my Crazy Funnel Buddy!
Chris knows what it is Like to Weather a Storm!... He might of gotten Hit with a Flying Limb... But he is Really Good at this Stuff! Funnel Dude #1!

Most of you all know that I run 6 to 8 Funnel Clients concurrently...  I can only Spin So Many Plates... Now you will have a TEAM of Plate Spinners! This is going to be a HUGE help for ALL of US!

KEEP in MIND... Chris has limited me to 10 Clients. But I have to have a Minimum of 6 for the Program to Fly... I really need your Help with this! So I urge you to make the commitment here!

There are a Couple of Clients on this List that are ON Special Partner Type Programs. You all MUST take advantage of this OFFER to keep your Project Current. (I assume you know who you are! :) )

Even though they are offering this at a HUGE Discount, I still have to come out of Pocket for a Portion of the SERVICES.  All I am asking of my Clients is that they help out with this Service. (roughly 10 Cents on the Dollar) Some of our Clients will find this a HUGE Opportunity as their Projects may be Dormant or on a Special Fee Program. For our Normal (Non Pro-Bono) Clients it will be somewhat of a Super Cheap Windfall.

*** The Extra CATCH-UP Project Help will ONLY be extended to those that commit to the Program. We think this is the only FAIR process. I hope everyone understands this!

2 Weeks of Project Time Recovery (FAST FORWARD SERVICE)

If you choose to reject this Program... Please EMAIL me personally and in the SUBJECT LINE ... Add "DECLINED" so I can keep track of where we are with the Catch-Up Program and coordinate properly.

YouTube VIDEO of Hurricane Irma Pounding the Upper Part of Florida... 
We were in Clay County! Stop Video at 6 Seconds to see where we were...
Scary Stuff!