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Proposal Overview:

Bernard - Find the Excel Spreadsheet Link & Pay Deposit BUTTONS Below: (towards bottom of page)

< Read Thoroughly >

The Proposal will detail the Funnel Build and if you PREFER (Optional) we can both work on the ACTUAL Funnel Wireframe as it will be part of the Training (or I can do and PDF & Video Document (See PDF Funnel Overview Below). I normally Include 8 Hours of Training in the Funnel Build (but it does not effect the Proposal Rate. I do that as a Value Add so that there is a sense of Independence with your Funnel. But I am sure you are busy. So if you want me to stay involved and help with Campaign Management, Traffic Generation, Refinement and ongoing we can discuss that on the backside.

You will see the Funnel Build Proposal with Details and I set it up to be Billed via ThriveCart over 6 to 8 Weeks. 50% Deposit and then 2 Split Pays. - The Last one at Final Funnel Delivery.

I did show as an Example On-Going Services (Optional)

*** You will then follow down the Spreadsheet and you will find the Monthly Ongoing Services. ***

 I can use either ClickFunnels or ThriveThemes - We can discuss or I can Mirror to Both (No Extra) and let you choose.

If you go with the Monthly Services as shown at the Bottom they are Straightforward. I would strongly advise doing a Social Media Optimization Plan. We need to discuss your Social Platforms as I feel that is a very important part of your Overall Traffic Plan. Of course you know - It is Not case of "Build it and they will Come!"... We all here about FUNNELS all the Time, but the Holy Grail is the Traffic and Predictable Traffic Sources. Along with the SMO Plan I have shown, you will need Content (That is the Content Marketing Part of SMO) so I have shown the Graphic Design Services that will drive the Content Marketing - and couple with the SMO. As far as the Traffic goes we can discuss, of course I am a FAN of Facebook, I can get you setup with AdEspresso or AdRoll and help manage or just pass to them. (We can discuss AD Spend later)

The Other Part that I noticed is that the Site / Page has virtually NO SEO. So depending on current Traffic (I will run a Report) we need to address this as you must get the Funnel Setup just as we would if building a Web Presence and then go to Step #2 the Funnel. Unless we are relying SOLELY on Paid Traffic. ​

Take a look, my Services for Marketing Automation and Ongoing are included as well. I included the services that I feel are Critical for a Launch and are things, considering your Product, cannot be overlooked. I tried to be as Cost Conscious as possible and layered in additional Services Discounts to make it as affordable as possible without losing the Punch!

As I told you in our Last Email Exchange - My Goal is to Treat each Funnel I build as if it were my own Property and develop it for PROFIT and know what needs to be done to make that happen. Nothing worse than a "Lonely Funnel". A Funnel without Traffic is just a Webpage. I will go over some of this with you once we get Started!

MMT's Rapid Growth Blueprint
Funnel Build
  • The 1st Part of the Spreadsheet is the Full Funnel Build.

I  included Links for you to review and once we get started with the Build we can spend a couple of Hours doing the Wireframe or Layout of the Actual Funnel. This part will be a good exercise and a refinement process for both of us.​

Proposal Breakdown

See Excel Spreadsheet for Cost Breakdown​

Dropbox Link Below >

Your FUNNEL will be the TRADITIONAL Product / Supplement FUNNEL! > (Right Column) >>

Optional (Not Included)

Facebook Funnel - $1799

The Facebook Funnel ROCKS!​

FB Funnel Type: Facebook Company Page - Funnel with Lead Ad Form - Opt-in happens via Lead Ad Form. Extracts all Prospects Profile Information (Opt-In Contact goes to ActiveCampaign, DRIP and or GetResponse (or ALL) then 2 things will / or CAN happen (we can discuss + A/B Test). 1st Option is we use ManyChat and ​FeelSocial to drive Facebook Messenger Automation Broadcasts. All of the Communication takes place directly in Facebook. No leaving the Comfort of FB + there is no DISCONNECT that happens from (as an example) Mobile Device Limitation. (Vision, Visuals, Full Sales Process, Payment, Driving & can't complete transaction etc.) *** I would Recommend a Front-End Offer that is some TYPE of Trial so that we can get the PROSPECT in the "indoctrination / ownership" process asap. (more on this later). The FB Messenger Automations as a RULE are pure Messaging Focused. You can still pass a prospect out to Landing Pages to solidify messaging and CLOSE the sale. But the intent is to keep the process FB Internal and use your Facebook Business Page to conduct business. We will build out FB like it is a Website and maybe even have a secondary domain point to the Facebook Page.

Hybrid Funnel (FB & Traditional)

Hybrid Funnel (Combines FB & Traditional Funnel) Very Powerful as it allows Traffic and Prospects to find you and interact in their Most Comfortable way. Continuation from #1 > 2nd thing that can happen from Lead Ad Form is that via LeadTunnel contact is passed to Email Automation. Autoresponder is Triggered (#1 will anyway) and the Rest of the Nurture Sequence is triggered in 1 day increments over a 5 Day Period. This would be more of the Traditional FUNNEL Lead Nurturing Process that will be driven by one of the Marketing Automation Platforms. I am going to let you see the 3 and then we can decide. NOTE: Just to recap on ActiveCampaign. AC is my goto, but they are SUPER particular when it comes to OPT-INs, Un-Subscribes and any sense of SPAM that happens with a LIST. They will lock your account in a flash. So some of the SATURATION Campaigns that we do can create headaches. We can also use Sendlane or other SMTP SES (Simple Email Service) or Transactional Email Account for BLASTS to Warm or Hash files.

This Funnel and all others will have various Landing Pages for each Phase of the Sales Process. I would suggest in the beginning to keep it as SIMPLE as possible and then we can TWEAK and ADD as needed based on RESULTS. Most Funnels will have 3-5 Landing Pages or more depending on process and OTOs. (Front-End and Back-End)

Proposed BUILD

Interest Driven Funnel

(No CRM Integration - But it is there)

Funnel #3:  This will be the Straight TRADITIONAL Funnel that is driven by SMO, SEO, Referral and normal Organic Site Traffic or other Social Platforms where we are having them OPT-IN via a Landing Page and trigger the AUTOMATION from that point forth. The Automation will still Follow the "Perfect Funnel Formula" - Very similar to the "INVISIBLE Selling Machine" or TFM Type Funnels. My Goal is to always use 3 Emails vs. 5 as an example unless we are finding that 3 is not effective based on Touch Points. Keep in Mind that with a Nutraceutical Product (depending on traffic sources and lead cost) that Sales Uptake does not happen Instantly - but as we test and combine Paid + Organic Traffic a level of Momentum will build. + I would suggest an Affiliate Model to have Patients and others assist with Promotion. Social Selling and Sharing can drive a big chunk of traffic. I am still a big fan of AIDA. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action and that Timing and Circumstance are ALWAYS a BIG Factor with each prospect. Of course we can alter this path with EXCELLENT Psychological Triggering, but there is no TRUE Vulcan Mind-Melds or Voodoo at work here. The Funnel Gurus selling stuff would like you to believe that, but you have been involved in TFM long enough to know. We develop a Great Funnel, use the Perfect Funnel Formula, Combine a Good Funnel with Good Traffic, Great Copy, Great Front End Offers and a good Compelling Subscription program for the annuity model. Once we have a Good Formula going the Rest is Scalability based on acceptable numbers and solid ROI.

< Funnel Assets / Deliverables >


  • Facebook Page Setup & Customize
  • Facebook Lead Ad Form
  • Create Domain or Sub-Domain for FB (Connect to FB URL)
  • Setup ManyChat + Automations
  • Setup FeelSocial (*) + Automation Sequences (includes Message Copywriting)
  • Setup LeadTunnel + Connect
  • Create 1 Landing Page (JIC) for the Facebook Escapees. :) Using either LeadPages or ThriveThemes LP
  • Setup & Integrate ActiveCampaign or GetResponse
  • Generate FB API + Pixel Tracking
  • Setup ThriveCart Client License ~($50 per Month for Client License)



  • Funnel#3 will be a Complete Custom Designed Funnel based on Strategy

Review FUNNEL Sample

You will have to go through an Opt-In Process - Please LOOK at this Funnel Overview... You will Like it!

>>> FYI: The Deliverable on this Funnel will be similar in terms of Build Volume and Complexity as the VIP Funnel shown in the Overview. FYI - the VIP Funnel is a Real Live High Volume Producing Funnel in a Different Industry - but Relevant.

Visit Page and Review the Interest Driven Funnel at the Bottom of the Page... Yours will not be that Complex - but if you ever ADD Product Types it could Develop like that. Alot going on!

< Marketing Tech Stack >



Funnel #3 Stack: (Primary Funnel)

Primary Website - Wordpress or ClickFunnels

Misc. Wordpress Plugins as I recommend using ClickFunnels pages within their Plugin in a WP Site. 

CF as a Landing Page Builder

CHOICE MAP* -ActiveCampaign (you have)

Misc. Social & Content Tools - I will setup or share what drives funnels

ThriveCart - Client License Upgrade* mmt

ConvertBar - List Building, Boost Sales (ties to ThriveCart), and ActiveCampaign - Engage Visitors

SEOPressor- SEO Plugin (On-Page)

Olark, PushCrew or PushEngage  Support Chat

Here are some of the Tools I use:

Aaron and TFM use alot of this as well

KudaniCloud - Social and Content Driver - Provide Access to SMO Team. Even with SMO - need to supplement personally or provide direction

KudaniLeads - Opt-In Lead Gen / List Building Tools

Designrr - Create Great Lead Magnets in a Flash. (or we can use mine) (LowCost)

Headlinr - Create Great Headlines, Sub-Headlines, Email Subject Lines FREE

RiteTag - Find the Best HASHTAGS for Sharing, Viral Content, etc. FREE

For Project Mgmt and Review:

Loom (will send Link) Video Screen Capture for Reviews

Or Skype (I prefer Skype for versatility)

Phone Conference and Screen Share

Asana (- FREE Project Mgmt - Exchange)


Bernard, Let's get things moving and I can begin to do a Wireframe and Competitor Research over the Weekend!

I am looking forward to working with you and I am excited to Start getting you REAL Results!

Below is OPTIONAL - But Highly Recommended and a MUST to DRIVE TRAFFIC to the FUNNEL!

Ongoing Monthly Services

The Bottom half of the Proposal is the Monthly Services. These are ALL Critical and you are going to get a TON of Services for a Great Rate. Especially compared to SoCal Digital Marketing Rates. These Services will not kick in until the Funnel Build is Complete.

Monthly Services Details | Breakdown

See Excel Spreadsheet for Cost Breakdown​

Dropbox Link Below 

Marketing Automation Mgmt.

SMO-SEO Plus+ (Combo)

Traffic | Lead-Gen Consulting

FB+ Campaign Oversight

Blogging Services

Site, Funnel, Business Launch Consulting

Content Marketing Assistance

Coaching / Funnel Training

No Charge - Included in Build

 Support | Maintain

misc. / tbd

Resources for you: (Educational - Various Sources) - I will ADD More this week

  • Funnel Building 101
  • CONTENT Marketing