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Phase 1

PROJECT DETAILS | Supplied by Client:

(With NOTES & PRICING Embedded by David Jamison @ MMT for Proposal Development)

{{My plan calls for 2 phases.}}

Phase 1:
[ LAUNCH Sales / Landing Page ] Have a Sales Site where people can learn about our product, get excited, and place an order for our training series. (one long page containing a sales video, transcript of the video, testimonials, and detailed sales copy) Until the Product Page is built we'll accept orders and give them the date to receive the finished product.


[Will Include a Opt-In Form with Autoresponder + Opt-In 3 Email Lead Nurture]


[Drip.co / or ConvertKit - Email Marketing / Marketing Automation Platform] This Sales Site will be promoted by email to existing lists of customers and contacts that Max and I each have. Links to this page will also be posted on FB with requests for our friends to share it.

<Marketing Automation Platform Setup - $250>

[ No Facebook Integration at this Point - MMT ]

<$400 later + Includes Lead AD Forms, Tabs and Full Shopping / Conversion on FB page> PHASE 3 FUTURE

<WithCoach Membership Site Setup $500>

[COUPON CODE - 50%OFF] I plan to offer a 50% discount in exchange for their testimonial.
Product will normally be priced at $59.95 but can be gotten for just $29.95 if they order now.


[WithCoach - has Built-In Shopping Cart / Coupon / Storefront / Sales Page / Landing Page Features]

Then direct them to a shopping cart where they pay.

[ WithCoach MEMBERSHIP Protected Content + Drippable Content ] Then take them to a password protected membership site (one page) where they can listen to our .mp3's and download them. If they bail during the purchase process to have a 'downsell' where they can register for a couple of complimentary lessons. We will have a follow up via AutoResponder to entice them into purchasing the full product.

<WithCoach Membership Site Refinement, Build & Integrations w/ Client Images, Copy and MMT Conversion Optimization> PHASE 1 + $250>

PHASE 1 Total $1750 - Wed. October 18th - Midnight (Thursday CAMPAIGN Launch) * Thursday is the BEST Launch Day *

Phase 2:

[ Combo between DRIP (or ConvertKit) *** I recommend DRIP *** but ConvertKit is the EASY Integration with "WithCoach" - Super Easy to Switch once WithCoach finals the Direct API for DRIP.co ]

Create a lead capture / sales funnel system.
Capture page will have a short sales video that will entice them into getting a couple of complimentary lessons when they register

<NEW or ALT Landing Page with Additional Copy, Images and Refinement based on Initial Results - $450>

Landing page OTO will offer a 50% discount in exchange for their testimonial: $29.95 now instead of $59.95 if they wait.


[ REVISED & UPDATED Landing Page (More Comprehensive & Refined than Phase 1) ]
AutoResponder system that delivers the complimentary lessons and then continues to follow up with 'second chance' offers to get the training at 50% off in exchange for their testimonial. Then have a timed release of ongoing emails asking them to buy.

<Refine Marketing Automation, +TAGS, Custom Fields, Connect * CRM, Create Cart Abandonment Sequence - $300>

<Refine STOREFRONT, Sales Pages, Content Delivery, add Multiple Landing Pages to Speak to Segmented AUDIENCE, On-Page SEO, Alt TAG SEO All Site Imagery, Create 2 Added Opt-In forms and Secondary WP or BuilderAll Landing Pages to Target a variety of Sites, Networks, Audiences etc. $600>

PHASE 2 Total $1350

I would like to have the Sales Site up and running by Oct 15. The AutoResponder message will need to let them know that in a few days they'll be getting the actual product download site.

I would like to have the Product Page up by Oct 20.

Goal for Phase 1 & 2 is DROP Dead Thursday October 26th. (Midnight)

Please give me a quote based on both Phase 1 and 2.

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Please COMPLETE Steps 1 thru 4 (If you need HELP we can do this over the Phone or Skype)


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Below are the Elements of a Successful Online Presence Launch

Ranking Rulebook

Sales Funnel

Publishing Powerhouse

Traffic on Demand

Traffic on Demand*


Ranking Rulebook 

On-Page SEO

SEOPressor + A-I-1 PI

  • On-Page KW
  • Content KW

* included *

Marketing Automation

Mgmt. , Support & Training

ActiveCampaign + Connected Software

  • Covers ALL Integrated Products
  • 4 Hours

* included *


Social Media Optimization

  • Off-Page SEO*
  • Google Optimize

Not Included


Campaign Oversight

  • Adroll, Perfect Audience, AdEspresso or Other Setup
  • Coordination
  • Strategy
  • Audience
  • Testing
  • Refinement
  • Content Development



Traffic Plan Lead-Gen


  • Campaigns
  • Training


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