Responses to Tom Steckler’s questions from his June 5, 2017 Email:

Responses to Tom Steckler’s questions from his June 5, 2017 email. 1 Q&A Regarding: > Social Media Optimization, Content Marketing & Membership Engagement & Value Development Services 1.1 1) Bottom Line … What is the Cost? – Usually starts out at a set amount and then there are additional costs. 1.1.1 60K in the first 3 months to ramp up on building workflows within systems enabled with technology 1.1.2 Ongoing content curation should be 40K/yr 1.1.3 I will prepare a master services agreement once the Directors have decided they want to engage our services. You are still in charge of costs each step of the way. 1.2 2) What is the Return on Investment? 1.2.1 In 12-18 months add 500 full members (or financial equivalent with other member classes included) 1.2.2 Jason Falls - Don't worry about ROI, there is more you can get out of Social Media See document(s): jasonfalls.com 1.3 3) What statistical data does MMTMedia have that shows they can improve the membership? 1.3.1 We know the results of doing nothing. 1.3.2 Tactics, Messaging, and Timing make a difference 1.3.3 Having specialists focusing on actions and outcomes aligned with the FSMS Strategic Plan is what matters most 1.3.4 We will have specific written objectives and measure key performance indicators (kpi) to track our progress 1.3.5 Membership Development Research See document(s): Membership Development Research The 2013 Association Matters Sector report highlighted 58% of respondents joined an association due to the information provided, and the second highest reason was for professional development at 48%. See document(s): 5-associations-predictions-2015-build-member-engagement Another graph highlighted how valuable each category was to members, and seminars and workshops came out on top at 92%, followed by newsletters and updates at 87%, and online education resources at 81%. 10 Surprising Social Media Statistics That Might Make You Rethink Your Social Strategy See document(s): 2017-07-18_152314.png Activity metrics on various Social Platforms Growth Strategies for Membership Organizations See document(s): 15-proven-growth-strategies Setting a clear path and adding value Educating your members Upselling your services Providing targeted communications Member Engagement Tips See document(s): tips-for-building-member-engagement Marketers: 14 Opportunities to Make Your Content Efforts More Scalable [New Research] See document(s): content-management-strategy-research What is Content Marketing See document(s): 2xcyXfXzFVg Pew Research - Social Media Usage 5 Segmentation Trends to Explore to Increase Member Engagement See document(s): 5-segmentation-trends-to-explore-to-increase-member-engagement-this-year Surveyor focused sites http://www.rpls.com/ http://www.pobonline.com/topics/2644-columns http://surveyorconnect.com/ https://rplstoday.com/ How Social Media and Web Forums Help Land Surveyors Communicate and Cooperate - KWIPPED Blog - Equipment Rental Marketplace See document(s): how-social-media-and-web-forums-help-surveyors-communicate-and-cooperate landsurveyorsunited.com Land Surveyors United on Facebook See document(s): landsurveyorsunited 15K Followers Land Surveyors United LinkedIn See document(s): land-surveyors-united 494 Followers North Carolina Society of Surveyors See document(s): www.ncsurveyors.com TSPS Launches New Social Media Sites! - ProLine Land Surveying See document(s): tsps-launches-new-social-media-sites Texas Society of Professional Surveyors, TSPS - Home Facebook See document(s): TSPS.org Website and Social Media Committee - Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors See document(s): website-committee 1.4 4) What is the Time Frame to Implement? 1.4.1 3 month ramp up on building workflows within systems enabled with technology 1.4.2 Training of key FSMS actors is required 1.4.3 Identify new FSMS Personnel Roles 1.5 5) Do we have the Staff and finances to develop, implement and maintain these proposals? 1.5.1 Understaffed currently. 1.5.2 Budget is available 1.5.3 Our plan is to guide the development of new FSMS staff positions to aid in the implementation of the Strategic Plan 1.6 6) The proposal sounds good, Is it all Realistic? 1.6.1 2662 Registered Surveyors in FL and only 500 are full members. I think it is realistic to convince another 20% to join when the compelling reasons are in place. 1.7 7) Does MMTMedia know the audience? (How many members currently get Tweets?) 1.7.1 Dave and Brian have been intimately involved with Surveyors over the past 30 years. Other marketing agencies "just don't get it" when it comes to understanding the values, behaviors, and preferences of surveyors. 1.7.2 Our chances of getting the messaging right, the timing right, the motivators right are much higher because we know our audience. 1.8 When and where they make the presentation is up to the Board. 1.8.1 Our goal is to have all the board members prepared with the understanding of key concepts in our proposal prior to a vote.

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