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Facebook Messenger ChatBot Funnels

The Next Big Thing in Marketing Automation...

How to Double your Conversions with Facebook Messenger Chat Bot Funnels

Join the Next Wave of Marketers that want to WIN

the Capture, Engagement and Conversion Race... 

MMT's FUNNELBOTS Marketing Automation helps you 10X your Conversions

using the Facebook Messenger Platform. Engage, Capture, Convert and Support right inside  your Facebook Page!​

Our Goto Platforms for Facebook Messenger Automations





Facebook Fanpage Marketing

Do you want to learn cutting edge "Facebook Marketing" strategies that can skyrocket your Subscriber List, grow your Engagement and literally explode your Conversions?

We are more than a Facebook Marketing Agency, we are expert Marketing Coaches that can teach you and your team how to implement our Facebook Messenger Bot Strategies and streamline your Lead Generation and Boost your Customer Conversions faster than every before.

Our marketing on facebook has been a focus area for some time, but with the optimization of Facebook  Ads Tools we have jumped in head first into these amazing  marketing strategies. What started with Social Media Management has turned into a entire small business strategy service leveraging Facebook Marketing Tools. Get Started Today!

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The Perfect "Bot" Funnel Formula

Marketing Automation with ChatBots

Sell anywhere and everthing to your customers with your Own ChatBot Sales Funnels directly in  FB Messenger and Dramatically Increase Your Engagement, Capture and Conversions. MarketingMouseTrap's Newest Automation Platform

The Next Phase of Smarter Marketing!

No longer will you market in fear of being blacklisted with sending e-mails, worrying about spam ratings, Low Open Rates and Click Rates of Email messages. FB Messenger changes everything!

Highest Possible Conversion.

Every Automation is easy... High Read Rates and it is very simple for your customers. Only one click separates the Prospect from becoming a Lead and a Customer!

Simple for Business.

No more Need for High End Funnel Marketing Gurus... Focus On Results! Our MC, FS & MMT Funnels Templates are ready to Convert!

ChatBot Funnels For Every Business. This is Marketing Automation Made Easy 10.0!

1. Get ManyChat or FeelSocial...

Simply login with your Facebook ID.

2. We can help you Setup Your Own Chatbots and Funnels.

Use our Chatbots and Sales Funnels templates that work for all business types!

3. Convert Cold, Fresh  Traffic Into Clients!

Your Sales Funnels and Smart Chatbots works for you 24/7/365!

Interested in Conversion 10x More Than Usual?

Need a Chat Specialist "A Real Person" to work your FUNNEL? We do that too! We have Staff working around the Globe!

Sales Funnels Suited For Every Business

ChatBot Funnels includes some of the World's Best Template Automation for Sales Funnels.

Intuitive Interface.

ClickBots has a Simple Drag-and-Drop Builder, Convenient For Every Service User.

High Conversion Level

On Every Step Conversion Of BotFunnels Messages is Up to 10x Higher Than Convinient e-mail Marketing Channels.

Smart Connection with Customers

Every Service User Has Database of Customers with Wide Smart Features.


Do You Want to Dramatically Increase Your Marketing Conversion?


Simpliest Solution for Your Customers

Entrance to Sales Funnel

BotFunnels make Customized Widgets for Your Business Purposes.

Customer Enter to the Sales Funnel with simple clicking the button, without entering e-mail address.

Receiving Your ChatBot messages

Chatbot messages are fully customized for your business purposes.

Every BotFunnels business user has possibility for using Funnel Templates or Simple Drag-add-Drop editor.


Marketing Automation#1 with ChatBot Smart Sales Funnels


Get Our Marketing Tool#1:

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