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Are you Frustrated with Facebook Ads?

In my networks and the marketing communities that I am involved with Pay-per-click  or PPC marketing campaigns is one of the most talked about topics and it almost always starts with "My Facebook Ads are getting worse and worse and they were not good to start with!

What can I do to generate more Leads?"

When I tell you I hear this all the time...

I mean ALL THE TIME! Maybe Daily!

I have ran campaigns of all types, from clients that coach kids to stem cell therapy clinics. Of course some Niches are Easier than others. But the vast majority of advertisers are getting more and more frustrated at the money they are throwing at Facebook Ads with little or nothing to show for it. Don't get me wrong... I am a strong believer in PPC whether it is Facebook Ads, Google Ads and the rest of the field. But it was this exact TOPIC that got me looking for alternatives for small spend clients. I had always found it easy to do LEAD GENERATION on LinkedIn. But what if I was promoting something that was not B2B Focused or my Client was a B2C Business with a Small Spend Budget?

I aggressively started looking for options and alternate methods.

Before I jump into some of the strategies we have learned and employed for ourselves and clients, let's 1st go over some of the BIG FAIL Points for Facebook Ads Campaigns and PPC at large. And do keep in mind... We have seen just as many Clients killing it with PPC, but for the small start up or Mom and Pop operation that cannot afford a BIG Experienced PPC Agency (Spends Starting at $3000 or more, Management Fees starting at $1000 + 10 to 15% of Ad Spend makes it super tough for the little guy!

On with the Epic Fails!

Here are 5 of the BIG FAILS I see and read about: (money wasted = reduced profits)


Hyper Focused on Cost-Per-Lead or CPL

I know I will always pay more for a quality lead. We have always focused on conversion optimization and leads that convert on our time table and meet our conversion metric projections. But at the end of the day... a campaign that is not profitable is a FAIL!


Too Many Keywords or Competing for Keywords that you will not WIN

(see fail #1)

My experience tells me that of all of the KEYWORDS or Keyword Phrases we use that only about 10% of them work or CONVERT for us. So what does that mean.  Well without going into the REAL Solution here... It means that we DUMP the other 90% and focus on what works. Simple.

Oh... We do run Search based, content driven PPC Campaigns vs. direct to conversion campaigns. (Clue #1)


Low Bids > So this may seem like a CIRCLE Qwerk, but let's RE-LOOK at #1 

So back to CPL, if you have a fixed BID Price and that is not competitive and you are not getting clicks there is nothing to optimize. No Clicks means no metrics and no data to begin evaluating where to start with campaign optimization. You want clicks fast so you can begin making adjustments. Otherwise you are not driving leads and sales and ... well you are just pretending to be an Online Marketer. Maybe it is time to fire up the outbound call center again! Arggghhh! Not! Just read on!


Bad Landing Pages, Bad Copy and Bad Offers

I am not going to go into too much detail here. If you know this is an issue... fix it. If you have NO IDEA that this may be the culprit... Well you are doomed to fail and often beyond help. Harsh? Maybe, but better Harsh and you get to keep your hard earned money that just throwing it away.

We have seen PPC campaigns that get huge click through and ZERO Conversions. Sometimes it is the offer, sometimes the value conveyance is just not there. It is hard to fix that! Let's move on. (This is one of the easiest points to fix - call us - we are conversion optimization experts)


No Tracking, No Tagging, No Retargeting, No Call Tracking, No...

So many No No's!

This is one that would require a POST of it's own in my opinion. It starts with the Planning and Automation Phase. These are amateur mistakes and can be fixed once and become a campaign standard. But whether the cause is NO Marketing Automation Platform (Come On ... Some Start at $10 to $15 a Month) No Call Tracking (Learn More about Call Tracking in your Google Ads Account) No Facebook Retargeting (Checkout the FREE Resources Below) This is an area we can help in a BIG Way. Simply Schedule a FREE Consultation. We can point you in the right direction even if you choose not to work with us!

PPC FAIL #6 to 60:

There are WAY Too Many FAILS to Cover here ....

We suggest taking a look at the PAG Formula 1st and then re-evaluate your entire Traffic Strategy! That is what we did! ROI... Way Better! WAY!


Magnet Audience Growth Method Done-For-You Service

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  • Note: There are numerous models. Each has it's own best use cases. Make sure you understand all models before moving forward with your growth strategy.

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Looking for Facebook Training?
There are so many training resources available, it is often hard to decide which one is right for you.
We have studied with and been certified by numerous experts. And I could recommend a few.
But if you want the Best of the Best... It is a combination of 2 Experts! IMHO
Perry Marshall & Keith Krance:

Authors of :

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising
3rd Edition
Plus they have a ton of FREE Resources and if you need more training...
Keith Krance of DominateWebMedia.com has a number of Courses to become Certified.
Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising 3rd Edition


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Great Facebook Training Resources from Perry & Keith Krance

We are not affiliates for the book... Just a Great Resource! Enjoy!

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Create your own Powerful & Scalable Facebook Marketing Machine...

Each of the videos builds upon the previous... so make sure to watch them

Facebook Ads Training

Facebook Ads Training

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3-Part Video Series

Create your own Powerful & Scalable Facebook Marketing Machine...

Each of the videos builds upon the previous... so make sure to watch them 

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Facebook Ads Training

Video 2 (FREE)
From: DominateWebMedia.com

Step 3.  Maximizing your Facebook Funnel.  Scaling your Facebook Ads & Funnel. 

Next Level Stuff!

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3-Part Video Series

Create your own Powerful & Scalable Facebook Marketing Machine...

Each of the videos builds upon the previous... so make sure to watch them 

Facebook Ad Courses

And No we are not partners with them... Just Great Resources!

Facebook Ads Training

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Private Pilot Facebook Momentum

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Facebook Ads Training

Digital Products Training & Certification


Private Pilot Facebook Momentum

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Facebook Ads Training

Digital Products Training & Certification


Private Pilot Facebook Momentum

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