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Why Chatbots are a must for your Lead Generation Program

Why Chatbots are a must for your Lead Generation ProgramWhat if you could easily implement “The Perfect Lead Gen Tool” on your site and start crushing your Subscriber Growth a+ have hard to believe conversion numbers?  Open rates of 80+%, CTR of 40+%. Well, we have been working with a number of platforms over the last […]


The Lonely Funnel… Great Site, Great Funnel and NO Traffic Plan!

“The Lonely Funnel” A Story of the “Perfect Funnel” and the “Newbie Marketer” that had BIG Dreams, a Great Product and ZERO Concept of how to Drive Traffic.And to really get the story going… the “Newbie” had little funds for a Traffic Plan (or did not want to spend any money).Whether you are a Marketer, […]


The Perfect Blog Post Template

“The Perfect Blog Post Template” Grab the Thrive Themes “Perfect Blog Post Template” and the “Content Crusher” worksheet to create a Viral Post that drives your tons of traffic to your site!Are you struggling with how to setup your BLOG Layout? Ever wonder if there is a PERFECT Template out there? Well not only did […]