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We learned this formula in a great online course and after discussing it with a coaching group we run, we had a landslide of requests for us to offer it as a Done-For-You Service. Why? Everyone of our clients wants to focus on their Target Audience, increase their Website Traffic and are often too busy to learn SEO, Content Marketing and PPC! Let alone post on Social Media!

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Magnetic Audience Growth Method

So exactly what is the "Magnetic Audience Growth" Method? 

Well the best way to explain it is a picture. A Picture Says a 1000 Words... Right?

So let us explain with our "Signature Solution" Graphic of the MAG METHOD!

The KEY Elements of the MAG Method:

Summary Points:

The "BIG 3" of the Magnetic Audience Growth Method are online marketing basics (the foundation of website traffic) that are often overlooked by small business and start up entrepreneurs. Whether you are just starting out or going back to address the #1 problem with small business websites: (lack of quality traffic) you have come to the right place.

  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization (On-Page & Off-Page)
  • CONTENT - Content your Target Audience is already looking for.
  • PPC - Low cost Google Search Ads coupled with GDN & FB Retargeting

The MAG Method "The BIG Picture"

What is the Best way to attract your Target Audience?

Give your Audience what they want, when they want it! And make it easy to access!

Forget the Heavy Lock Down!

Avoid Heavy Opt-ins!

Sure, you want to grow a list. And use Opt-Ins. But use them selectively... Open it Up a Bit!

Because what you really want is a...



So let us explain the MAG Method Traffic Plan! It is much easier than it looks once you get your mind wrapped around it. And the one element that made it so attractive for many of our Start Up Clients was that it was deeply rooted in all of the "FOUNDATION" stuff every website owner should have done from the start. So there is ZERO Downside to this traffic strategy. Whether you have been up and running for years or are just getting ready to launch! So on with the overview of just how this Awesome Traffic Strategy works!

The 9 Easy Steps of the MAG Method!


The 9 Step Content Map

is where we start. Why? We have used the Signature Solution as part of the Plan, Build, Grow Process we use. Where did it come from? Well, I am Certified Business Performance Coach with the Fletcher Method and we always created a 9 Step Signature System with our Coaching Clients. 1 System, 3 Levels and 9 Steps. Basically 13 Currencies that resonated with our clients. Of course the system changed based on their unique business. But the one thing that kept coming back around time and time again with virtually every client we had was this! "How do we plan our Content?", "What do we Blog about?", "How to we create a Content Road Map?". We realized that by using the Signature Solution itself as the Content Road Map that problem was immediately solved. And it made total sense and it was easy for our clients to grasp the concept. It was right in front of them the entire time. Boom! So the 9 Step System for Mag was easy for us to leverage. And keep in mind, there are various business types that may have 1 single product or service offering and they struggle to break it down into 9 Steps. I get it. But there is also a Customer Journey. Rarely does someone visit your site... and BUY!  So are the 9 Steps sacred. Not really. It could be 3, 6 or 9. But focus on a minimum of 3. Why 3?


Check out this link a bit later... "The Power of 3 in Marketing"

Want our "Signature Solution Content Road Map Template"?


The Tech Stack Setup is where the real fun starts. Being a Tech Geek myself this has always been the real draw to online marketing. And after years we have really nailed down the "Best of the Best" Marketing Tech Stack for Digital Marketers of all sizes. Small, Medium and Large Businesses can rest assured that the tools we use have been tested and vetted and flat out perform.  Our BIG 3 (why always 3?) Remember we talked about the Power of 3? 3, 6, 9! We use Thrive Themes for WordPress our Sites, Funnels, Landing Pages and Blogging. We use ActiveCampaign to drive our Marketing Automation. (Occasionally we use GetResponse & Drip depending on the client). And then for Payment Processing we are HUGE Fans of Thrivecart. But the good news for those of you that are here just for Traffic. Those are not foundational for MAG Method. Sure we prefer Thrive Themes. And it is conversion optimized and very SEO Friendly, but we use other tools for the MAG Setup. Below you can grab our Marketing Tech Stack Checklist for MAG Method Setup and it will make it super easy.

Grab our "MAG Method" Marketing Tech Stack Cheat Sheet below!


SEO / Keyword ID  The Magnet that draws the Target Audience to the Content.  This element is much easier than you might think. Simply go back to the Content Road Map, the Signature Solution or the Customer Experience Map. Whatever you decide to call it. Break down each step and identify a solid list of keywords (low hanging keywords that you can win with) and begin developing a spreadsheet of usable keywords and phrases. You will find the tools we use for keyword planning on the Magnetic Audience Growth Method Page. Also take a look at our Marketing Tools Page. For a more detailed look at SEO and Keyword checkout SpyFu or Mangools. Mangools is a true SEO Workflow suite of tools. For the basics always go back to the basics if needed and Google has an entire suite of tools that are for the most part totally free. Checkout our Google Tools page for their products. The wordpress plugin that we use that drives the bulk of the on-page SEO is .... Wait. Not the Y word. We use RankMath! Better, Faster and Best of ALL "For Now" Totally FREE! Checkout RankMath and get ready to rock your

On-Page SEO!

Learn More about our "GoTo" SEO Tools visit our Marketing Tools Page!



The Facebook Ads part is very simple. It is a basic re-targeting campaign based on visitors that landed on the page from the Google Search Ads. Of course visitors could arrive via other means. You can track this as well if you really want to get down to the brass tacks of your traffic. We always start with the most simple approach. Everyone that lands on the Blog Post is automatically pixelized and retargeted and also become part of a look-a-alike audience.  It is important that this campaign is congruent with what they have already searched for, what they saw and read on the blog post and that any visuals are also in line with what they experienced on the front end. Familiarity is key here. So once you land on this page... You will probably begin seeing Facebook Ads (and Google Display Ads) promoting the Magnetic Audience Growth Method. We may even serve up ads for ancillary products and services. In this case and this page. We also promote the Perpetual Audience Growth Formula for EGP. (The origin of MAG is PAG) Has a Nice ring... Huh? πŸ™‚

So you will learn even more about the MAG Method once you realize that you are Knee Deep in the MAG Marketing Process yourself. If that does not make you a believer... Then I guess you are just not at that stage where you are ready to make a real income online. And that is OK! But if you are and you are frustrated with your Website Traffic and you are tired of struggling with methods that are expensive or worse, expensive and ineffective. Give the Magnetic Audience Growth Method a try. Of if you are a and need more help... Checkout our PAG Formula Page. If you need more help installing the Facebook Pixel, Facebook has a ton of great resources.


We use the PixelYourSite Pro Plugin. it makes dealing with tracking pixels for all platforms super easy.

Facebook, Google Analytics, GDN retargeting +

To Learn More about PixelYourSite Pro visit our Marketing Tools Page!



So I am not going to write a novel about Google Ads. If you visit our Google Tools page you can learn pretty much everything you need to know about setting up ALL of your Google Tools. Everything from Gmail to Google Analytics, Google My Business and of course Google Ads and a whole lot more. I feel very strongly that the Google Setup Phase for a Small Business is absolutely critical. Consider that Google is the one we are trying to gain Indexing Favor with for Search. So it only makes sense to not skimp or overlook this step. Do it first and do it right. It will pay traffic dividends for the rest of your online future.

So back to Google Ads... If you are just getting started with Google Ads visit this page for the basics: Google Ads - Getting Started!  You can also visit our Google Tools Page here. We have a pretty comprehensive list of all of Google Tools with a brief primer on what each of them do. Good Planning and Foundation stuff.

Another amazing resource that we stumbled upon is a company called Surfside PPC. Their YouTube Channel is simply amazing and contains a massive collection of Educational Videos on  Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads and more. Why send you to his Channel? Well we use it... and quite honestly we find his resources simply too good to ignore. Check them out here!



This is the Fun, but often challenging part of any Content Based Marketing System. The Content is the Foundation of any Target Audience Based Marketing System. It is the "Water" in the Watering Hole. It is the Cheese in the Mouse Trap, it is the .... You get the point. So what is Content?

Content comes in many forms! But before we just push out a simple list of Content types...

Read this from the Content Marketing Institute:

What is Content Marketing


So to QUOTE the Content Marketing Institute:


"Useful content should be at the core of your marketing Traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective by the minute; as a forward-thinking marketer, you know there has to be a better way.

Enter content marketing.

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience β€” and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. Instead of pitching your products or services, you are providing truly relevant and useful content to your prospects and customers to help them solve their issues."



So let's get back to the  Content List:

We are going to list these in the order of our personal preference!

  • Blog Posts (of course)
  • E-Books (we like to make E-Books from our Posts)
  • Lead Magnets (Cheat Sheets, Check Lists, Free Courses)
  • Videos (Make Videos from your E-Books & Slides)       Don't forget to publish to YouTube and SEO your Videos for extra SEO Juice. Google likes Videos.
  • Social Media Posts (with CTAs & links to Sales Pages) Pixelize your Posts for retargeting & audience building
  • Podcasts (too easy to transcribe videos to podcasts)
  • Surveys & Quizzes (Thrive Quiz Builder is awesome)
  • Webinars (we like evergreen webinars)

The list of Content is endless, the above is enough to get you started!


Stick to the Basics to start. Blog Posts (of course), E-Books (we use Designrr), Lead Magnets (for the Opt-Ins on your Posts), Videos & Social Posts. As you get more comfortable and are seeing results and revenues increase, layer in Podcasts, Quizzes and Webinars. 

Note: If you are using Thrive Themes and are not using the Quiz Builder and need help with it. Reach out to us and we can do a Flextime Training for you on the Quiz Builder. Too good not to use. If you are not using Thrive Themes... Check it out below.



​This section (#7) is about Optimization, but we will do a bit more of a "dig" at the end into a few of the resources and tools we use for Google Ads & Facebook Ads. So moving along! In the beginning you will need to monitor, adjust and then optimize your ads. We recommend starting very small (small reach or net) and see how things are working. Then begin expanding reach and adjusting other variables. We always recommend working out from your own backyard first. Businesses that are not limited by Geography have a tendency to want to pick areas other than their own locale. I always ask "Why?". If there is a sound business reason for targeting other areas other than your own backyard, go for it. Otherwise start HERE... and work out. There are too many variables and potential optimizations to cover in this blog post. But start with the ones that are super obvious and then begin to dig in, learn and really get "Right and Tight" on your Ads. We have used AdEspresso and Revealbot (Great Blog Post Link with Revealbot) ... to do optimizations and then there are some great Gurus (real gurus / experts), Books and Resources that we lean on for help.


These recommendations are NOT affiliate or partner offers. They are straightforward, valuable resources that we use ourselves. No Compensation for us making these recommendations. Here they are and they are super solid.


Perry Marshall, Mike Rhodes & Bryan Todd have published a number of books on Google & Facebook Ads. I would suggest reading both cover to cover... 3 or 4 times over. Honestly, some of the best PPC Knowledge on the Planet. Here is a link to Amazon for their books.

(No Affiliate Links)


Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords

*** I recommend this book and the Facebook counterpart. ***

Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising

Ad, Analytics & Optimization Platforms:

AdEspresso has a very low cost plan available

University (up to $500 Spend)


+ Here is AdEspresso's YouTube Channel (How to use the Platform)


FREE TRAFFIC So this is the section where you start to see all of your hard work with 1 through 7 start to pay off with Organic Traffic. If you have hit the mark with great content and solid on-page seo you will begin to see a flow of traffic coming to your site that has little or nothing to do with Paid Ads (Pay-Per-Click Advertising). This is just icing on the cake. But it makes life and generating leads, conversions and customers so much easier. And you will really start to feel a sense of control with your online marketing efforts. And you are moving into the stage of "Nail It & Scale It!" (Grab their BIG IDEA Canvas) Also, here is the part where you can grab a Super WordPress Plugin for FREE (developer may change to paid, so grab it fast - seriously) Grab RankMath, we made the switch too!



You have now made it to the Online Promised Land. Here are a couple of Next Level Tactics to continue to scale your growth.

Traffic Booster #1: Ad Networks. This is where you are now taking your Ad Program and scaling it without the headaches of dealing with every aspect of the campaign. This is where you begin using Ad Publishers Networks. These are online advertising networks. An ad network is a company that connects advertisers to websites that want to host advertisements. The key function of an ad network is an aggregation of ad supply from publishers and matching it with advertiser's demand. Grab the PDF Below for a list of 50+ Ad Publishers

Traffic Booster #2: In-Market Leads Ok now this Traffic Booster is Scary. Like in Scary Crazy Good. It is not for amatuers and not for the small spend marketer. This is BIG DATA at it's finest. So instead of droning on about it. Read what Google themselves have to say about In-Market Audiences. Second Button below... Really good stuff. Now keep in mind In-Market Leads are used widely by the Automotive Industry (Where I learned about them) and other wide net, big budget advertisers. But the interesting thing is that In-Market is starting to niche down and trickle down and I am seeing "shared group subscriptions" by smaller advertisers that are part of an in-market lead buying group. Note: These leads are imported into your Ad Accounts as Hashfiles and become part of your own contacts or audience and are not factored as PPC Clicks once you launch a campaign. So enough about this for now... Download the "Ad Networks" PDF and Visit Google and learn about In-Market Audiences on your own.

So that is the 9 Step Overview on the Perfect Traffic Strategy for Small Businesses.

Really any size business... Just happens to be PERFECT

for Small Business & Budgets starting out!

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Release Date: 8/15/2019

So that is the Magnetic Audience Growth Method in a Nutshell. For the 9 Step Deep Dive, read the rest of the MAG BLOG SERIES. Or to get a FREE Mini-Course on the MAG Method subscribe to our FREE Email Course on the MAG Method below! It gives you the bulk of the nuts and bolts to launch your own MAG Plan. Register for the MAG Campaign Planner or the 9 Step System Cheat Sheet and you will automatically get access to the MAG Email Course and our FREE Primer Course on MAG (Thrive Apprentice Course) Register Below!


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