Step #3 in the Magnetic Audience Growth Method

SEO Keywords & Phrases Selection

  • SEO

  • Keywords

  • On-Page SEO

  • Long-Tail keywords

  • Low Hanging SEO Fruit


The Easiest way to select your SEO Keywords and Phrases: Step #3 1

The Easiest way to select your SEO Keywords and Phrases: Step #3 2


The How to on the following:

  • ​On-Page SEO
  • Alt-Images
  • Keywords
  • long-tail keywords
  • low hanging seo fruit
  • More...

So this part is a Bit Wonky and Techy so hang on!

This article is highly focused on ON-PAGE SEO. The Post is #3 in a 10 Part Blog Post Series regarding the Magnetic Audience Growth Method.

We will do a Shallow Dive on "How to select Keywords and Long-Tail Keywords that are relevant and that you can rank for"!

We use SpyFu and good ole Google Keyword Planner for this part. And we will also use Ubersuggest on occasion.

One part of this I want to touch on before getting into the weeds...

We like to use Designrr to create a PDF Slide Show of our Post and then most to:

  • SLIDESHARE (Create with Designrr)
  • MEDIUM (Write a Brief and Post the PDF there)
  • LINDA / UDEMY / OTHER e.g. QUORA misc. same as above!

SEO / Keyword ID  The Magnet that draws the Target Audience to the Content.  This element is much easier than you might think. Simply go back to the 9 Step Signature System or Content Road Map. The Signature System, Solution or the Customer Experience Map. Whatever you decide to call it. Break down each step and identify a solid list of keywords (low hanging keywords that you can win with) and begin developing a spreadsheet of usable keywords and phrases.

You will find the tools we use for keyword planning on the Magnetic Audience Growth Method Page. Also take a look at our Marketing Tools Page. For a more detailed look at SEO and Keyword checkout SpyFu or Mangools. Mangools is a true SEO Workflow suite of tools. For the basics... always go back to the basics,  if needed and Google has an entire suite of tools that are for the most part totally free. Checkout our Google Tools page for their products. The wordpress plugin that we use that drives the bulk of the on-page SEO is .... Wait.

Not the Y word. (Yoast... it's OK.  We like it. Just not as much as RankMath)

And here is the REAL Reason we switched... Not sure of all of the facts. We just did not want to take any chances with our sites or our clients. So here you go:

Yoast had a Security Vulnerability back in 2018. Was it fixed? You decide.

It was easier for us to switch... And it is RankMath is FREE! Read on!

We use RankMath! Better, Faster and Best of ALL "For Now" Totally FREE! 

Checkout RankMath and get ready to rock your On-Page SEO!

Learn More about our "GoTo" SEO Tools visit the #SEO Section on our
Magnetic Audience Growth Method Page.

So I decided to add this snippet from an outside blog post... I felt it was too valuable and too relevant not to include... Read On!

Read this Post Excerpt from OptinMonster on Keyword Selection...
Are you up to date with the latest guidelines on doing keyword research? Researching keywords has been an essential part of both search engine optimization (SEO) and content optimization from the beginning, and it’ll help with email marketing, too.
But it’s sometimes hard to choose the right terms for Google. There’ve been a lot of changes in search behavior and search guidelines in the last few years, and they’re constantly evolving.
If you want your web pages, content marketing, and email marketing to deliver optimal results, then you’ve got to understand how to research and use keywords in the current environment.
That’s what this guide is all about. By the end, you’ll have a complete understanding of keyword research, from changes in searching to how to use keywords to improve content creation and content promotion. Better grab a cup of coffee; we’ve included everything we think you need to know. We’ve also added a table of contents so you can easily jump to any section whenever you want:
Table of Contents
  • What are Keywords Anyway?
  • Why Do Keyword Research?
  • Is Keyword Research Still Relevant? How Search Has Changed
  • Understanding Keyword Types
  • Latent Semantic Indexing
  • What Do Searchers Really Want? Understanding Keyword Intent
  • Getting Started with Keyword Research
  • Best Keyword Research Tools
  • What Comes Next?
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Ready? Let’s jump right in and get started…
What are Keywords Anyway?
Keywords are:
  • words and phrases that identify what people are searching for
  • words and phrases that describe the topics you write about
In an ideal world, these keywords are the same, bridging the gap between your content and your audience, and helping them to find it.

Read the Entire Article Here: Click Here

Article Credits: https://optinmonster

SEO & Keyword Identification

This is really just dirty work. I recommend visiting this Link for more resources on this entire process than you could ever need!

Another Great resource is always the HubSpot Blog. I began my journey with HubSpot over 10 years ago and I still refer to them today. No we do not use HubSpot, but there resources for learning are second to none!

The Key to SEO & Keywords:

Choose Keywords and Phrases you can actually WIN with!

Why select KEYWORDS that the Competition is so high you will never Rank for them. Plus if you are going to be using Google Ads for low cost Search Traffic... think about what people are actually typing in while they are searching for a solution to their problem.

This is NOT Rocket Science!

Oh... I almost forgot, here is the EASIEST WAY to have your Pages have a Shot at Ranking well. Read this Cheat from RankMath! Love it!

Score 100/100 With Rank Math Post Tests

In this knowledge base tutorial, we are going to learn how to completely optimize your post score 100/100 with Rank Math in the content optimization process.

When you create a new post, one of your desires is to attract traffic to your post and Rank Math is here to help you with that.

Read their Post / Instructions on how to Score 100/100 with RankMath

Use Ubersuggest to find Keywords and Phrases you can win with!

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