Tech Stack Setup

Step #2 in the Magnetic Audience Growth Method... Marketing Tech Tools Setup!

Then you already have a Content Road Map, and the foundation for a great content marketing strategy!

Intro: Tech  Stack Setup

The setup details are relatively easy. If you run into challenges after reading the Blog Post feel free to Email us and we will give you a Great Resource for ALL of the Tech in 1 FREE Spot!

Tech Tools to use:

  • RankMath (WP Plugin) Alternate: Yoast
  • PixelYourSite (WP Plugin) Adding Google & Facebook Pixels
    • Alternate: Thrive or Headers & Footers Scripts
    • Pixel Caffeine by AdEspresso 
  • Thrive Themes Alternate: Hmmm? Astra
  • ActiveCampaign or GetResponse Alternate: Drip, MailerLite

Don't Forget setting up Google Analytics, Google Ads & setting up your Facebook Ads and Retargeting Pixels!

Now on to the actual details of the setup process...

Magnetic Audience Growth Method

RECAP form Overview Post:

The Tech Stack Setup is where the real fun starts. Being a Tech Geek myself this has always been the real draw to online marketing. And after years we have really nailed down the "Best of the Best" Marketing Tech Stack for Digital Marketers of all sizes. Small, Medium and Large Businesses can rest assured that the tools we use have been tested and vetted and flat out perform.  Our BIG 3 (why always 3?) Remember we talked about the Power of 3? 3, 6, 9! We use Thrive Themes for WordPress our Sites, Funnels, Landing Pages and Blogging. We use ActiveCampaign to drive our Marketing Automation. (Occasionally we use GetResponse & Drip depending on the client). And then for Payment Processing we are HUGE Fans of Thrivecart. But the good news for those of you that are here just for Traffic. Those are not foundational for the MAG Method. Sure we prefer Thrive Themes. And it is conversion optimized and very SEO Friendly, but we use other tools for the MAG Setup. Below you can grab our Marketing Tech Stack Checklist for MAG Method Setup and it will make it super easy.

The Steps:

Don't Forget setting up Google Analytics, Google Ads & setting up your Facebook Ads and Retargeting Pixels!

One of our NEW Favorite Resources for ALL things Techy: Analytics, PPC, Pixel Setup and more is Surfside PPC. Why do we refer to another company?

Because he has a Kick Ass YouTube Learning Channel and covers everything way better than we ever could... Check Him Out!

If you still need help after reading the Tech Stuff email us @ and we will send you a Cheat Sheet and Video!

Step # 2


The second step in the MAG Method Setup is relatively easy depending on your Technical Level. 

For the D.I.Y. Type... 

The PAG Formula Course covers all of this in detail.

For those of you that will be using the Done-For-You Service... We do ALL of the Fun Tech Stuff for you! No worries!

We will teach you drive your well oiled machine!


Did you Complete Step #1?

Still struggling with a Signature Solution?

Remember, the Signature Solution can also be a Customer Journey or a Simple Content Road Map detailing your process or your customers challenges.

Visit our Frameworks Page for help on

getting that knocked out in short order!

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You have 3 Easy Ways to get your Website Traffic Strategy planned out, set-up and successfully launched!

1. Get the "Perpetual Audience Growth" Formula Course

    Grab the course here!

2. Commit to the MMT "MAG Method" Done-for-You Service

(3 Month Program) We have 3 Levels: MAG3, MAG6 and MAG9 And what are the differences? 3 Posts, 6 Posts and 9 Posts! 

With each level, there is more content, keywords (SEO), opt-ins, search & retargeting campaigns + more.

3. Read this entire BLOG Series

    It really is a complete training on the Traffic Strategy.

    At least a very in-depth overview.

    And self implement. The ultimate D.I.Y. method!​

    If you need help, you can always grab a block of flextime from us.

Last Key Reminders: Each of the Posts in the Content Road Map need to be Keyword Optimized. We use RankMath to help us with our On-Page Optimization. If you visit our Marketing Tools Page or the MAG Method Page you will find a host of SEO Tools that we use for our On-Page & Off-Page Optimization. We use a very specific format for the Blog Post Template. (Want it? Email Us) Then last there are a handful of other steps that will be covered in the following 8 posts in the series. But here are a few things that cannot be overlooked:

Cost per click (?)  & Cost per conversion (?)
Cost per click (?) Cost per conversion (?)
Cost per click (?) Cost per conversion (?)

"The more you publish on your blog, the more traffic you get. This is a general rule in content marketing and it's backed by many studies.”

Shane Melaugh - Thrive Themes

Read the Full Blog Post on the "5 Types of Content every Blog Needs!"

Content Marketing Strategy

Are you starting to get a feel for this? It is really simple!

Every Small Business with an Online Presence should have this Traffic Strategy in place. It is in our opinion the foundation of all online marketing. This stuff is NO Secret! I promise you that. But is it overlooked? Even by so-called Web Design Agencies.

You Bet it is! Sure they may have said they do this or that...

Contact us for a FREE Web Page or complete Website Audit.

You will know exactly what they did or did not do for your website.


Add FREE WEBSITE AUDIT REQUEST in the Subject Line and in the Body add your URL

So that is the 9 Step Content Road Map for the

Perfect Traffic Strategy for Small Businesses.

Really any size business... Just happens to be PERFECT

for Small Business & Budgets starting out!

To learn more about the MAG Method Click Here!

Learn More about Thrive Themes WordPress Tools and a few tips on how they handle their Content Strategy!

7 Types of Articles Your Readers & Search Engines Will Love! 

Thrive Themes

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"Have you ever faced the sobering truth, that no matter how frequently you publish articles, your website is just not  picking up on organic results?"


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