Creating your 9 Step Content Road Map

Do you have a Signature System? Maybe a Customer Experience Map?

Then you already have a Content Road Map, and the foundation for a great content marketing strategy!

Intro: The first step in the Perfect Website Traffic Strategy... aka the Magnetic Audience Growth Method or PAG (the PAG Formula course) is to create your Content Road Map. We use our Signature System / Solution for MAG Method as our Content Road Map. We also have a Signature Solution (aka Signature System, Customer Experience Map or maybe it represents the process or workflow with a customer or client.

Either way... developing a Content RoadMap should not be a huge obstacle or barrier to get a real website traffic strategy rocking in full force. Sure it should have some Keyword value... but instead of backing into it. Use what you already have and then use your Keyword Planner or maybe Ubersuggest to give you additional ideas that you use in your Search Ads, but those words or phrases do not have to be present in your Graphic Representation of the Content Road Map.

So before we dig on deeper...

Let me explain 1 simple thing!

The 3 Levels of our 9 Step System (i.e. MAG), no matter what campaign, we use our 3 Step Process formula:

  1. PLAN (Foundations) the Bottom 3... 
  2. BUILD (Funnels or Web Presence) the Middle 3 
  3. GROW (Floodgates) the Traffic & Conversions Phase

Now if your process is only 3 steps... well that is OK.

Remember we do Online Marketing...

Your Industry and offering is different.

Magnetic Audience Growth Method

So is it necessary to have 9 Steps? Well our process is 9 Steps. But maybe yours is not. If you is 3 or 6... use that! Then if you need more Post Content in the future... break those into "Deep Dives".

One thing we do believe (strongly) is that it should be a minimum of 3 steps. 

We have some clients that say "Well we just sell X..."  Whatever it is! But then we ask... "Is that ALL that happens in the process for them to Buy?" Or are there other things that they might search for in the journey to find you and buy! It could even be a comparison between product X and competitors product Y! I am not saying to fabricate content or steps in the process that do not exist. I am simply saying that nothing is ever 1 Step! Ever.

Let's say someone is searching for "Tee-Ball Coaching Tips"! And let's say you sell a "Tee-Ball Coaching System". How many different parts are there to your system or coaching method? Maybe it is just Hit, Throw, Catch! That is 3 parts. 3 key things that you can use as a step in your Content Road Map. I could give you countless examples... But hey... This is your business. It is "Your Baby"... if you can't tell me 3 amazing things about your Baby! Then maybe you need to reconsider your entire business model... or maybe the business! We can't sell ICE to Eskimos! Well maybe we could, but they are not searching Google to find ICE! Right?

Your audience or customer avatar are searching for products and services like yours right now. Yes... this very second!

What is the Best way to attract your Target Audience?

Give your Audience what they want, when they want it! And make it easy to access!

Forget the Heavy Lock Down!

Avoid Heavy Opt-ins!

Sure, you want to grow a list. And use Opt-Ins. But use them selectively... Open it Up a Bit!

Because what you really want is a...



So look at our Content Road Map... it is also our Process to Launch your Magnetic Audience Growth Method Traffic Strategy. The Road Map does happen to be our process, but it also simplifies the process of knowing what to use & publish as content. Each of those 9 Steps represents a Blog Post. (Like this one) and then we do 1 Pillar Post that is an overview of ALL of the steps in our process. (Read that Post here)

Still struggling with a Signature Solution?

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getting that knocked out in short order!

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"The Signature System can easily double as your Content Map. This type of visual display allows you significant competitive advantage and market distinction, as your clients will take great comfort in your unique ability to communicate and deliver the result they’re looking for, making you a market of one!" From Aaron Fletcher at the Fletcher Method

We have had great success with our clients and their Content Marketing Strategy, by leveraging their Signature Solution and using it as Content Topics for Blog Posts, Lead Magnets and More!

So to make things super easy for you... we have a Content Road Map or Signature Solution Framework Template that you can use to begin building your own system. Plus it will also help you get super clear on how to launch this method on your own. GRAB THE CONTENT ROAD MAP / SIGNATURE SOLUTION FRAMEWORK TEMPLATE BELOW...




A 3 Part Framework that will not only help you define your Signature Solution...

It Doubles as your Content Topic Planning Map and Publishing Calendar!

Don't Struggle with Content Topics ever again!


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Let's do a bit of a Deep Dive here:

So what is a Signature System?

  • Your Signature System or Solution Map takes your unique business process and puts in a simple, easy to grasp visual format that shows your potential clients exactly the process you use and what they can expect in each step of the journey. It is truly transformational for you and your client.

  • The Signature Solution (or System) allows your prospective clients to visually grasp your process for proven and measurable results. And better yet… create a Lead Magnet or content upgrade from it so you can begin nurturing your prospect after they download it. We provide a video explainer right after a visitor downloads the PDF of our Signature System. It provides more clarity on our system and it tells them what to do next. It is the 2nd step of developing total authority in your space. 

  • The Signature Solution or (your Content Roadmap) is a tangible document that transfers the emphasis from time, costs, sacrifice to a results-driven transformational model that helps them see the light at the end of the tunnel and gives them peace of mind about the process. That alone is the biggest factor for client / site visitor bounce. Fear, Anxiety & Confusion. The Signature System eliminates all of that.

  • The Visual of the Signature System easily allows you to create a Content Calendar and have a consistent stream of topics to write about and publish content.

  • It also affords you the luxury of Easy Ad Creation… we will go into that huge benefit later.

So let me ask you a quick question:

What would it mean to you and your family and your peace of mind if in less than 30 days you could transform your entire business, finances and stress levels and you never had to worry about where your next client was coming from. You never had to have an awkward sales call or strategy session trying to explain to a potential client what you do and what you can do for them.

Or, If you were at an event and someone asked what you do and what services you offered… You hand them a card and on the back of it… BOOM…

Your Signature System tells the whole story in 30 seconds or less. No more fumbling through confusing explanations of what your company does.

The better part of this story is that your conversion rate will skyrocket!

Why? Because site visitors clearly know what you do! And after those confusing calls with your competitors and they see your Signature System and how it walks them from “Start to Finish”, they may sell themselves.

Listen, why do I feel that having a Signature System is so important?

Reason #1:

I am Certified Business Performance Coach for the Fletcher Method and that is one of the 1st things we address in the training classes.

Reason #2:

In the beginning I resisted the “Best Practices” recommendation to have a defined Signature System (Solution) because I was afraid it would pigeon-hole me. And I learned the hard way. After having one of the worst quarters with my business going back to 2010. I decided to make the change. And what a change it was. I could tell you what the staggering percent increase was after shifting to a published “Signature System”, but you would not believe it and it almost seems ridiculous. Was it timing or circumstance? Maybe… but our revenue has stayed steady and has climbed steadily, month in and month out since reinstated what we do with a Visual Map. And listen, you could in a matter of weeks, you could double, triple or more, your income after developing your very own Signature System.

Reason #3:

It acts as the Perfect Content Roadmap. No more sleepless nights thinking about what Blog Post you will right. What Social Post Topic, what Lead Magnets, what Keywords. Your Signature System provides you with a clear map of what to publish. Sure… you can do deep dives on topics within that Step. But keep it focused and your ranking for that topic and the page that it lives on will steadily climb the ranks on Google. (Use RankMath to make sure)

Reason #4:

There are Coaches that charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars teaching you how to develop a signature system. Why is this reason #4? If another coach charges thousands for it… it must have a significant value and business purpose. Nothing against the consultants that charge for it. We do to… But if you read this Blog Series (about the Mag Method or the PAG Formula) you will pretty quickly figure the whole SS thing out.

And I offer you a FREE Signature System Planning Template.

Sit down and write out a LIST of Services you offer and it what order they appear in a natural business process. Boom, Signature System Done!

Now I know what you are thinking. I can’t do that! It does not pertain to my business. I have a product based business.

Let’s say you are a Health & Fitness Consultant or Trainer…

Think of it like this:

What is your New Client Onboarding process like?

Client completes sales transaction or Checkout Page then your automation sends them an Onboarding Welcome Letter. And next you send them your Trainer / Client Operating System … It  tells them what to expect (your personal operating manual.

Then you get into the 3 Levels:

Level 1: Address their existing fitness level, establish attainable goals, create their programming.

Level 2: Dietary Plans, Road-Blocks to Success, Recovery Plans

Level 3: Maintaining Goal Level, Back on Track  Plans, Next Level FItness Plans.

And keep in mind… I whipped these out while writing this article. Maybe it does not fit yours if you are a trainer. But whatever you do… take the concept and map your process. If it has holes in it. Address them and then publish your system. And then publish your Content Calendar and get ready to close more clients or customers.

It is really that simple. Otherwise someone comes to your site… pokes around a bit and has ZERO Clue what you do and how you can help them. A poof... they bounced. Never to be seen again.

Or you have a Signature System and Voila… Meet your Next Client.

If you can’t do this step yourself… visit our Frameworks Page.

We offer a Framework creation service that is Super Affordable. We will do a 1 hour call and then knock it out for you. Or simply grab the template and grab a quiet place and an hour of your time and get it on paper.

Or Better Yet, Grab our 15 Page Signature System Planner...

and start putting your own Signature System together.

A Step by Step Framework that will help you knock it out in no time.

Signature Solution

Grab the Top 9 Reasons you MUST use a Signature Solution!

A 3 Page Explainer with a Content Creation Bonus Section

You have 3 Easy Ways to get your Website Traffic Strategy planned out, set-up and successfully launched!

1. Get the "Perpetual Audience Growth" Formula Course

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With each level, there is more content, keywords (SEO), opt-ins, search & retargeting campaigns + more.

3. Read this entire BLOG Series

    It really is a complete training on the Traffic Strategy.

    At least a very in-depth overview.

    And self implement. The ultimate D.I.Y. method!​

    If you need help, you can always grab a block of flextime from us.

Last Key Reminders: Each of the Posts in the Content Road Map need to be Keyword Optimized. We use RankMath to help us with our On-Page Optimization. If you visit our Marketing Tools Page or the MAG Method Page you will find a host of SEO Tools that we use for our On-Page & Off-Page Optimization. We use a very specific format for the Blog Post Template. (Want it? Email Us) Then last there are a handful of other steps that will be covered in the following 8 posts in the series. But here are a few things that cannot be overlooked:

Cost per click (?)  & Cost per conversion (?)
Cost per click (?) Cost per conversion (?)
Cost per click (?) Cost per conversion (?)

"The more you publish on your blog, the more traffic you get. This is a general rule in content marketing and it's backed by many studies.”

Shane Melaugh - Thrive Themes

Read the Full Blog Post on the "5 Types of Content every Blog Needs!"

Content Marketing Strategy

Are you starting to get a feel for this? It is really simple!

Every Small Business with an Online Presence should have this Traffic Strategy in place. It is in our opinion the foundation of all online marketing. This stuff is NO Secret! I promise you that. But is it overlooked? Even by so-called Web Design Agencies.

You Bet it is! Sure they may have said they do this or that...

Contact us for a FREE Web Page or complete Website Audit.

You will know exactly what they did or did not do for your website.


Add FREE WEBSITE AUDIT REQUEST in the Subject Line and in the Body add your URL

RECAP: (from the Overview Post)

The 9 Step Content Map

This is where we start. Why?

We have used the Signature Solution as part of the Plan, Build, Grow Process we use. Where did it come from? Well, I am Certified Business Performance Coach with the Fletcher Method and we always created a 9 Step Signature System with our Coaching Clients. 1 System, 3 Levels and 9 Steps. Basically 13 Currencies that resonated with our clients. Of course the system changed based on their unique business. But the one thing that kept coming back around time and time again with virtually every client we had was this! "How do we plan our Content?", "What do we Blog about?", "How to we create a Content Road Map?". We realized that by using the Signature Solution itself as the Content Road Map that problem was immediately solved. And it made total sense and it was easy for our clients to grasp the concept. It was right in front of them the entire time. Boom! So the 9 Step System for Mag was easy for us to leverage. And keep in mind, there are various business types that may have 1 single product or service offering and they struggle to break it down into 9 Steps. I get it. But there is also a Customer Journey. Rarely does someone visit your site... and BUY!  So are the 9 Steps sacred. Not really. It could be 3, 6 or 9. But focus on a minimum of 3. Why 3?


Check out this link a bit later... "The Power of 3 in Marketing"

Want our "Signature Solution Content Road Map Template"?

So that is the 9 Step Content Road Map for the

Perfect Traffic Strategy for Small Businesses.

Really any size business... Just happens to be PERFECT

for Small Business & Budgets starting out!

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