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Are you struggling with how to setup your BLOG Layout? Ever wonder if there is a PERFECT Template out there? Well not only did we struggle with it, but our clients did too! So MMT ventured out in search of the Perfect Blog Post Template. We found plenty of plugins, other bloggers posts and none of them struck us as the "PERFECT FORMAT"!

We are very connected with the "Fletcher Method" and looked at Aaron's Blog. Yep, liked it. And yes, not only are we Marketers... but we are Learners too! We are members of a few of the best Marketing Membership Communities. Like I said... "The Fletcher Method, BLOG Marketing Academy and DigitalMarketer's DM Labs. At the end of our assessment, we took a little bit away from those 3 resources. But we settled on DM Labs suggested Page / Post Format and being Certified Business Performance Coaches with the "Fletcher Method" we could not resist the urge to leverage TFM's Content Crusher worksheet that we use with our Coaching Clients. So what we are doing to make things really easy on the MMT community is to create a Template that starts as a Thrive Themes Landing Page Template. Use this Template and the "Content Crusher" Download to create the Perfect Blog Post Template! Once you have imported the Thrive Themes Template simply delete the parts above your final template and you are ready to rock! Then use the Content Crusher Worksheet to put together an effective content strategy for the post and for your overall site. For content suggestions we use PromoRepublic and ContentStudios for our own and client post inspiration. Check out the links below for additional ideas. And as usual, we do have to inform our audience that we are affiliate partners for Thrive Themes, GetResponse (and other platforms), PromoRepublic and the communities that we mentioned in this post. But remember, we never promote ANYTHING that we do not use ourselves in our own site and business. Enjoy!

This POST and TEMPLATE can be the starting point for all of your future blogging success.

Enjoy and start Crushing your Content Marketing!

This POST and TEMPLATE can be the starting point for all of your future blogging success. (Scroll Down to view Blog Post Layout)

We are a Certified Business Performance Coach with the "Fletcher Method", we are also affiliate partners for their Marketing Education Community!

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Delete Content Box image after importing Thrive Themes landing page template


*** Delete all Content above this Text Box after Importing Thrive Themes Template + the Template Background Images ***

Change Background Styles on Background below (Remove Image, Color and Opacity setting)

Your Template Layout is BELOW!

"Content Crusher"
Main Headline

Content Crusher Sub-Headline

The Perfect Blog Post Template 1

Post or Content

Get Started Now!

Post or Content (delete if 1 main article)

The Perfect Blog Post Template 2


Post Opt-In


Feature Box Title

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Learn more about the Blog Marketing Academy and thanks for the template inspiration

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This POST and TEMPLATE can be the starting point for all of your future blogging success.

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