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Need Better Tools in Gmail?
has got you covered!

Gmail & G Suites Productivity Hacks with CloudHQ 3
Ever need to Save an Email to PDF?
How about Save 1 to Dropbox?
Maybe someone Shares a Google Doc and you use Dropbox and want to get it there?

Here at MMT we are constantly in Gmail, whether we are monitoring EMail Notifications from our Email Workflows, responding to Requests for Proposals, dealing with our external team members... We just use G Suites and Gmail a ton. But then we also use Dropbox, GDrive and other tools! Plus, on occasion we run across an email we like, and yes we may just want to SAVE it as a PDF to our Trusty Swipe File! In Comes cloudHQ... Save that Great Email off to our Dropbox Folder... As a PDF.

Too Many other Cool Extensions and Tools to even cover here...

Check them out!


cloudHQ - helping your productiving and protecting your data with one click at the time.

cloudHQ is an online service offering email productivity workflow solutions and cloud sync and backup solutions. 

cloudHQ was founded in 2011 by Senad Dizdar. In 2013, both Naomi Assaraf joined on as co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, and Blaz Lupiscek joined on as co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. 

cloudHQ has three offerings described below:

  1. Gmail Productivity Tools: We all hate email, but still spend most of our day there. Because of that, we created over 30 Gmail productivity tools to help keep you be productive in the email.
  2. Data Loss Protection and Backup: 80% of all data loss is caused by human error. So even if your files and emails are in the cloud, they can be still easily accidentally or maliciously deleted and lost. cloudHQ offers real-time data protection and backups of all your data in the cloud.
  3. Data Synchronization and Migration: Even if your organization might be using one primary cloud storage platform like Google G Suite, your employees, partners, and clients will use other cloud apps: like Evernote for note-taking, Dropbox for sharing with clients, Salesforce for CRM, Basecamp for project management. cloudHQ will sync and integrate all these cloud apps and storages.
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