Why Chatbots are a must for your Lead Generation Program

What if you could easily implement "The Perfect Lead Gen Tool"
on your site and start crushing your Subscriber Growth + have hard to believe conversion numbers?  Open rates of 80+%, CTR of 40+%. 1 Word... Chatbots!

Well, we have been working with a number of platforms over the last 18 months and have settled on our 2 "goto" platforms. MobileMonkey and ManyChat! But before we get into that, let me give you a bit of backstory on this!

I remember reading an article in early 2016 about Facebook launching the messenger platform. (TechCrunch Article) I was optimistic and excited but a bit skeptical of how this would work on facebook. But it was at that point that I started digging and compiling a folder full of articles, notes and swipes on Chatbots. But information and platforms progressed rapidly. It was about mid 2018 when I realized that our "Marketing Automation" platforms might be replaced with Chatbot Funnel Automations. MMT and a few of my colleagues quickly jumped on the messenger chatbot bandwagon. But we also realized that we would be way out front on this and the market at large, and especially the small business community that we have an affinity for would be slow to adopt new technology and would be skeptical to say the least.

But then we started testing on our own properties and the results blew our minds. Then a few things changed at Facebook... Ok ... Reality check. But when the dust cleared and everything got back to normal it was off to the races. We started get inquiry after inquiry regarding chatbot builds and the ever present question: "What was MMT's Favorite ChatBot Building Platform?". We even did a few compare articles for other sites and yes it did get confusing. But we knew that 2 (maybe 3) big players would emerge when it was all said and done. And they have. We chose 2! And the cool thing is that we are not abandoning our Email Marketing and traditional sales funnels and workflows. We are using webhooks, zapier and even direct custom integrations to connect our Chatbots to our Marketing Automation (GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, Drip and ConvertKit).

But back to our 2 platforms, we did end up making a company commitment to one because we saw the future of chatbot marketing and knew that the players involved in our "choice" company had huge success with other tech / online companies. And it was in a PPC space so they had all of the backend knowledge that other developers did not. So again... we already said our 2 our are MobileMonkey and ManyChat. We can do either platform. But we are using MobileMonkey for our FB Messenger Marketing Ad Programs and clients that want more than basic lead gen. If you are going to be leveraging Facebook Messenger Ads... you gotta try MobileMonkey! Now if you want a canned templated Chatbot up and running on the cheap we can do that super fast with ManyChat. And we do recommend ConvertKit with that implementation due to the direct integration that exists in ManyChat. You decide. We can help but it is your Baby! We love our Marketing Automation Babies!

If you want to schedule a Demo schedule a consultation below, or try our MMTGrowBots Messenger out! See what you think. That one is pretty simple, but has some super cool interaction and returns some astounding numbers when asking a prospect about using Chatbots. Check it out. We think you will like it!

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