The 6 #Psychological Triggers that Drive Conversions!

RASCCL... The Dog?... No POP Triggers!

No it's a Memory Cheat for
Power of Persuasion Psych Triggers! R.A.S.C.C.L!

#Psychological Triggers

Whenever anyone asks me what marketing books I have read that will help them with Conversion, by far the very first one I suggest is “Influence” by #Robert Cialdini, published in 1984. Cialdini, a legendary professor of psychology and marketing, Cialdini lays out six ways you can get people to say yes to what you're asking. Anyone who sells things for a living, online or offline, should know, love, and live these principles:







The 6 Triggers - R A S C C L

So what is RASCCL?

That is my own ACRONYM that I use to REMEMBER each part and how I use it in my Marketing Funnels and Email Sequences. So YES they are a little re-arranged, but better rearranged than forgotten… Right? So it is Reciprocity, Authority, Scarcity, Commitment / Consistency, Liking.Liking and Reciprocity normally come first in Face to Face Sales but it can be scattered throughout in a Marketing Message and as you move the Prospect through the Journey you make sure you cover all of the elements that are applicable.I prefer to hit all of them regardless, but no need to put a SQUARE Peg in a ROUND Hole!


Let's look at each TRIGGER more closely:

1. Reciprocity

The principle of reciprocity means that when someone gives us something we feel compelled to give something back in return. The Lead Magnet is a Great Example > You Give, Now the Prospect feels a little more compelled. Why? They have to give back! Reciprocity. It is not Absolute, but it is Primal Psychology in Play.

Of course you can’t do this in person…we are Online Marketers. But do it with a FREE Bonus with Purchase.

We are BIG Believers in giving AWAY Knowledge… or CONTENT. Content is KING! Give FREEBIES in the way of Education and watch the LIST Grow!

So whether it’s a guide for how to make the perfect vinaigrette or an exclusive author interview, use content as an ethical bribe that makes people feel grateful towards your business.

2. Authority

Most people have heard of the famous Milgram experiments, in which volunteers were convinced to continue delivering what they thought were incredibly painful electric shocks to unseen subjects, even when they could hear (faked) screams of pain. The presence of a man in a lab coat telling them to continue was enough to earn the compliance of nearly all the volunteers.

People innately respond to authority (or appearance of authority). How can we leverage this to drive opt-ins and conversions.

Note: Expert Curation – We use ExpressCurate, Kudani Cloud, BluePage Pro and others to leverage Great Content. (You should do the Same)

2a. Social Proof - Is a VARIANT of Authority

The principle of social proof is connected to the principle of liking: because we are social creatures, we tend to like things just because other people do as well, whether we know them or not. Anything that shows the popularity of your site and your products can trigger a positive response.

Have you gotten good reviews? Use them all the way to the Bank! Go out and work for POSITIVE Reviews!

And of course, ratings and reviews, a la Amazon & countless other retailers, are another fine way to show social proof.

3. Scarcity

Cialdini’s final principle is the principle of scarcity, which states that people are highly motivated by the thought that they might lose out on something. It is the KID Principle: I used it to get my 1st Iguana at the Pet Store when I was 10. Mom, Dad… it is the last one. They are not selling them anymore. If someone tells you that you can’t have it – boy, do you want it. This is probably the one I’m the biggest sucker for, personally.

My Wife at least says so!

Great Marketers trigger this effect by using all kinds of tactics to suggest that products (or low prices) or going away fast, or that it is the last one.

Deadlines, Limited Offers, Countdown Timers and More! Sale Ends Sunday at Midnight! Seems contrived but it works and you have got to do it! Or Else! Lose out to your Competitor.

There are other Factors…But What About Pricing?

You may be wondering where the extremely common retail tactics of sales & discounts fall under these six principles. Is Cialdini saying that price doesn’t impact people’s purchasing behavior?

Of course it does, and Cialdini mentions a couple of pricing experiments in the beginning of his book. But price is relative to risk.

KEY POINT: Risk Removal

The six principles of influence represent additional non-obvious ways to impact perceived risk. For example, by using appeals to authority, you’re decreasing the risk of a ‘yes’ – someone who says yes (to your appeal to buy a product) can always point to the authority you’ve demonstrated to rationalize their purchase. By using scarcity tactics, you’re increasing the risk of a ‘no’ – someone who declines your offer right now might miss out.

4 & 5. Commitment & Consistency

The principle of commitment and consistency says that people will go to great lengths to appear consistent in their words and actions – even to the extent of doing things that they would not do under normall circumstances.

6. Liking

The principle of liking says that we are more likely to say yes to a request if we feel a connection to the person making it. That’s why the Greeter at Walmart is always shining the Pearlys. By the way they sell those fake teeth!


Since people BUY from People they Like, Referrals are Great! Use Social Links – Get them Shared with each Sale. Use tools that allow you to extend this to the public.

People are more likely to BUY if it’s recommended by someone they know and trust. Make sure that your product pages have links to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+ so that your customers can tell their friends about the awesome product they just found on your website.

Display POPULAR Sale Items or People that just Committed to a Program!

PROOF a New Online Website Tool is a Great Example of this type of Product! It Scrolls a feed of NEW Customers coming on board in Real Time, showing the Prospect that they are acting consistently with other people. "Social Proof and Consensus in play"

Make Psych Triggers in your Marketing Work...

for your Opt-Ins, Conversion Rates and Lifetime Customer Value! Use them in Web Page, Landing Page and Email Copy!

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There are other factors in play with each element:

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