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The Perfect Website Traffic Strategy: MAG Method!

The Perfect Website Traffic Strategy…”MAG Method”A Simple and Effective Traffic Plan to Generate Quality Website Traffic!24/7/365Attract and Grow your Target Audience in 9 Easy Steps!We learned this formula in a great online course and after discussing it with a coaching group we run, we had a landslide of requests for us to offer it as […]


The Lonely Funnel… Great Site, Great Funnel and NO Traffic Plan!

The Lonely Funnel…Great Site, Great Sales Funnel and NO Traffic Plan!A Story of the “Perfect Funnel”… and the “Newbie Marketer” that had BIG Dreams, a Great Product and ZERO Concept of how to Drive Traffic.How can you do this to your Sales Funnel?And to really get the story going…the “Newbie” had little funds for a […]


The Perfect Blog Post Template

“The Perfect Blog Post Template” Grab the Thrive Themes “Perfect Blog Post Template” and the “Content Crusher” worksheet to create a Viral Post that drives your tons of traffic to your site!Use Thrive Themes? Grab our Perfect Blog Post Template!Read on… and find the Template at the bottom of the Post!Are you struggling with how […]

"Most good ideas are creative mashups of other people’s ideas — in copy, targeting, graphics, and pretty much everything else in advertising."

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