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Marketing: Aerial Services

We do all types of Aerial Photos & Videography for Marketing: Real Estate, Land Development, Commercials, Corporate Events, Product Videos, Sports Events, Fishing Events and More! You Dream It, We Do It! Call Us Today to Discuss!

Mapping: Aerial Services

We also do Aerial Surveying & Mapping: We work directly with a Registered Florida Professional Surveyor & Mapper. They have over 30 years of experience and have the FAA Certifications to insure Safety on your Project. Whether you are looking for Aerial Topography, Commercial Property Appraisal Videos or any Aerial Mapping need where Accuracy and Professionalism are critical and necessary.

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What our Customers have to say:

Shane Melaugh

“We had a Vision for our Commercial, MMT made it Come Alive!”

“We had an idea of what we wanted, but did not know if it was possible or over the top. We were referred to MMT by one of our Clients. We asked them if it was doable... They had the Footage the next day and the Video produced in less than 2 weeks!"

Sam Webb
Product Development Lead, Build a Better Player - Youth Sports Development Company

Shane Melaugh

“My Client was Impressed. They needed an Aerial Topographic Survey for a Large Project, but the size of the Property meant the Topo would be expensive and difficult, not to mention the limited timeframes." 

“Florida Aerial Media and Jeff Hostetler P.S.M. knocked it out in less than 3 Days start of Site Flight to Finished 3D Surface. Client Happy and made me look like a Genius! I will definitely be referring more Clients to FAM!"

Brian Morse
Civil 3D Trainer, BrianMorse.com

Shane Melaugh

“We had used other Drone Services for our Realtors”

“Florida Aerial Media (MMT) did a Video for one of our Agents. When we saw the results compared to our current Drone Video Service provider. We switched that day. Plus we save over $100 a Video. And they also have a Monthly Subscription Service for our whole office. The whole office savings is huge!"

Sarah Allen
Marketing Coordinator, Local Real Estate Brokerage