About MarketingMouseTrap.com

MarketingMouseTrap is focused on Sales Funnel Development, Marketing Automation and Facebook Ads Campaigns that helps small business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants design, build, and optimize sales funnels. Our Goal with our Perfect Funnel Formula is to help Small Business Market BIG!

MarketingMouseTrap.com & MMT Media, Florida was founded in 2010 by (me) David Jamison after spending two years using Hubspot and other Inbound Marketing Platforms in an attempt to foil a death spiral economy for a small AEC Software developer trying to launch a new product. Even though the efforts were met with challenge, the bad economy presented a unique challenge to Create, Test, Learn and Grow! Those efforts changed the career, course and life journey for me. Welcome aboard and you will be introduced to every digital marketing strategy, tactic, and hack that is currently available. But we do have our favorites and the Testing and Vetting we have done will be passed to your and your business and goals. Learn from our Growth.

We are heavily focused on Smart Marketing, Great Tools, Great Offers, Great Value and Great Copywriting! The Root of our Business and Results Focused Efforts are driven by Cutting Edge Funnels and Marketing Automation.

Having been an Automation Specialist in the Engineering Realm the Coding and Logic associated with Marketing Automation came easy, and the fascination with the Marketing Mouse Traps spurred a desire to begin coaching, teaching and evangelizing the benefits of Sales Funnels and Marketing Automation. The last piece was becoming expert at Traffic Sources. Facebook Ads, Google PPC, Social Media Optimization and SEO were the last piece of the Puzzle to conquer. After much Testing, Tweaking and Formulas - the last part was part of the Wheel House. Now the Formula could be taken to the Market. Traffic, Funnels and Great Marketing Automation! The Perfect Funnel Formula was Born, and is growing like a weed... as we speak! Climb aboard, it is gonna be a Fun Ride!

Our Sole Goal is to educate and service small businesses, entrepreneurs and budding marketers on rock solid digital marketing strategy, tactics and cutting edge technology.

MMT Media, Florida handles the following:

  • Manages multiple "in-house" properties that sell everything from tech hardware, catering services, digital products & services as well as coaching & consulting.
  • We Serve dozens of clients from online and offline businesses including ecommerce, info/digital products, sports coaching, fitness trainers, home service businesses as well as as lawyers, specialty medical practices, and local businesses from all sectors.
  • With our Content Marketing and FREE Funnel Development Ediucation we have helped educate thousands of small business owners on how to develop a Great High Converting Sales Funnel without Breaking the Bank!

Our Goal...

Help Small Budding Businesses grow Rapidly and Efficiently and Market BIG on a SMALL Budget!

Our Offerings

The Marketing Blog

If you want to Learn more about Sales Funnel Building you have come to the right place!

Perfect Funnel Fomula Lab

The PFF Lab for Newbies, DIYers, and FUTURE Funnel Rock Stars! Our FREE and PAID Resources will help you plan, build, and optimize sales funnels and put you on a TECH Diet, avoid SHINY Objects and FOCUS on the Prize... A High Converting Revenue Producing Funnel! Trust me (hate to say that) I have learned to from Mentors to go on a Tech Diet! It is often the FAILURE Point for Most New Digital Marketers... Overwhelm, TMI and Paralysis of Analysis!

Sales Funnel Services

We offer Sales Funnel Services to small businesses, entrepreneurs and we also provide White Label Services for Larger Consultants that have a Volume of Funnel Builds that they cannot meet. I have a Team of over 37 Designers, Programmers, Funnel Techs, Content and Social Media Marketers plus more! So if you know you need a sales funnel, but prefer to focus on your business and what your Good At... Then Give Us a Call! You will be Glad you did!

Our Perfect Funnel Formula is comprised of 3 Foundational Components:  Lead Gen, Conversion and Magnifying or Growing the Customer Value! We Make New and We Make MORE out of What you already Have! Most of our Clients realize that our Services pay for themselves often within the first 30 to 60 Days after Launch!