About Us... and How we got Here!

David Jamison

Becoming a "Go To" Sales Funnel Consultant has been no Easy Task... First it Started with a Number of Business Ventures when I was Young and it was there that the Fire was Started. But the BIG EVENT that Kicked All of this into High Gear was when the "Great Recession" Hit around 2008! Looking for ways to Generate Business was no easy task! I discovered HubSpot and got caught in every Marketing Mouse Trap (aka Sales Funnels) they had! I learned by being a Prospect in an Automated Marketing Journey and tried to learn by immersion. Studying and Swiping all of the Content I could get my Hands on! It was a Great Training ground and then the Proving Grounds would come later when we started to build our Own Funnels for our own Internal Businesses. We had Success on our Own long before taking the Concepts to the Market and Sharing them with our Clients! We always felt it was important to be prudent with our Clients AD and Marketing Dollars so we wanted to know that our SYSTEMS WORKED! And yes they did, we have had numerous successful launches, ventured into the Medical Vanity Specialty Industries and then Built Funnels in so many Industry Segments we have lost count! But we continue to learn, continue to forge into New Technologies and Business Ventures and will always strive to offer the BEST ROI and the Best Outcomes for our Clients! 

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